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The California teachers association one of the most important skills any student can learn is how to study help your child establish a steady routine and a quiet place for homework or away from the television and other distractions combined with a consistent bedtime your student will be primed for academic success a message from the California teachers association Russell Wilson has replaced sixty United Way community helping kids play at least sixty minutes a day get involved go to United Way dot force lastly sixty refused to do it every time Watson by United Way in the accounts the following is a paid program the views and opinions expressed are solely those of the hose and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff management and parent company of KFBK this is a really the views of the station content is for educational purposes only consult a mental visor or conduct your own due diligence of investing calls a pre screen and the show was pre recorded earlier this week rickets with element financial engines support financial engines advisors LLC an investment advisor the furnishes this program they're instrumental about his reforms based on asset management size experience and regulatory record for himself nominated investment returns and experience in a conservative voices in the hall of fame but the top one hundred for ten plus years future performance is no guarantee this is the Rick Adleman show Barron's ranks element financial engines the number one independent investment advisers in the country and Rick is in the Barents financial advisor hall of fame now here's Rick I'm Rick Adelman welcome to the wriggling show normally I begin this broadcast with a happy weekend but that isn't going to work this weekend we're going to do our best to make this program for you as happy as possible given all the circumstances I do want to tell you that this is probably the most important broadcast I will be sharing with you.

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