Neil Patrick Harris And David Burtka Talk About Their Relationship


How old is the house. Nineteen zero five. Wow i it's been everything from a speakeasy for mill workers to a music school for girls to a single person occupancy and when you think it was a brothel is just wishful began to wonder where in this five storey house. Would we have our talks. Who's the decorator. David has better taste than i do. So if we ever have disagreements about Interiors it usually comes from a financial standpoint in that. I tend to say dude. We have dogs and two small children. We don't need a forty billion dollar rug. So you're the sort of decorator in your the accountant. Then they led me into their red velvet screening room with rows of quickly theater seats. Just like an old hollywood. What a fitting place to chat with these two actors. What kind of marriages did your parents have. My parents were together until my mom passed away years ago. And your parents. My parents are still married. And they've celebrated fifty plus years of marriage so they've always been only together with each other so because you were gay. Did you think you wouldn't have that. I thought that i was going to be alone or single for most of my adult life. But i had a random path from adolescence into adulthood because i ended up being on a television show when i was fifteen years old and so all pre puberty through puberty. When you're figuring out what turns you on i was. I felt a bit under a microscope of television. And so i didn't have the freedom to randomly hit on somebody or go to a bar. So i i was by myself a lot and had a fantastic group of friends in los angeles. Who knew everything about me. But i just i just wasn't dating. I had never even showered with another person till i was in my late twenties so it was all new to me. And what about you. Deeming i you know. I didn't know what i wanted to. Until sort of i got into college and then after college living in new york i you know i saw lots of different relationships than men having babies and having a family so i i always knew that i was going to settle down and be with someone and stay with someone and have a family and kids. Once we started dating. We never really stopped so we didn't date lots of people while we were dating each other and then decide. We just started dating moved in together. And we've been together ever since same. Sex marriage wasn't legal at that time and and it seemed like a potential but not an inevitability and so we were more conscientious of what wording we used to call each other. I just didn't like the word partner for some reason i just. I still think that's a very strange way to it. Eliminates any sense of lava lover of or some only rome antic lake invasive of your life lover eighties and boyfriends very juvenile was forty calling. Fill my boyfriend and to seems like it's short lived like we've just met together for years. So is it better half and then and then once the marriage thing happened it happened very quickly but we didn't want to get married because it was suddenly allowed to get married. We wanted to get married to get because we wanted to get jeweler already in a committed relationship correct and that was and did you get kids. I just didn't want to go to the courthouse. With a with a hundred other people and people holding up signs and other people picketing and refers i. It's an. I don't want to get married in context owning remember with my family right in italy when it's legal and it's not a big deal. The nice thing about destination wedding as you can easily reduce the number of people. You've been very small weddings. Only forty seven people. We've got married with thirty five and it wasn't a great wonderful. The nice thing about talion wedding or a any italian trip is that everything is so delicious there. Yeah and what we're was testing this rueda. Yeah the mountains in a one of the things that i've noticed because we've been married forty years. Do you count from the day that you started dating or from your barrier wedding. We're counting from the day we got married. We met three years before but we knew immediately. I mean we. We fell them up. We went we went to dinner. We went to bed. That was it was it. That's because we're gay. We count from the day a reverse day because then you add ten years dog enga- years fifty years. We've been together.

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