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Tremendous music. You can hear it in its entirety at the end of the show D. N. A. Place in Brian. Windhorst who I love. Who'S IN CHICAGO? And we'll get to a lot of all star questions and basketball questions but the most important question is tonight. When wilpon coaches his dopey celebrity team for which he has held no practices at all he has no place. He doesn't have any idea what he's doing will you heckle him will you get close enough to heckle him? And do you think his team will beat Stephen as team. And what is the line by the way? Let me be very clear about this Tony. I have absolutely no intention of going to that game. What do you think go ahead? I will have to depend on the coverage of all the beat writers. Who helped me understand? I've told well beyond that. He should get teed up twice thrown out of the game and led his twelve year. Old Son Coach the team since the twelve year old son is familiar with all the personnel and will no idea none zero. That's the best part of it is that I mean when I saw the team came out. I didn't know who these people were and I don't know slightly younger than Wilpon so Hopefully we'll have good fun. The thing about it is that you've got steven down there. I mean How could he possibly compare? The the energy outlaid Steven A. Is is building up to. How could he even compete with him on? What's going on in this game I I? I think it's a bad situation. He's been putting yeah. I mean I'm Steven was a college basketball player. You know I mean. He was not a great player but he played And he's GonNa WanNa win. He's GonNa WanNa win. He probably has an idea of what to do. And we'll on what his goal is to get to a good restaurant afterwards. That's what he wants to do. There is a wilpon dinner tonight. I have not drawn. Invite of my Some of my colleagues draw invites I. I have not made the list and I can only imagine in Chicago on all star weekend. What sort of celebrity row is going to come to pay homage to will bond and his hometown? I'll just again. I'll have to rely on the beat writers to tell me so I did watch the today show early this morning where they said it was actually below zero and Chicago.

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