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But I mean, Texas, AM, listen, he got me all messed up. He thinks Georgia is gonna lose both of their games, guess SEC west. I mean, this guy's got to be smoking something that what we're playing LSU and Auburn and auburn's at home. So I wanna dessert. Irving be number one. They are the team to be they no doubt about that. But no reason, no reason to say I'll abound is like I could lose a couple of their games. But besides that, listen, I'm Georgia BULLDOGS fan have been all my life Donald fan, but I'm an SEC fan as well. And I was really impressed with Texas and them in that game. No one gave him a shot to win the game. I don't even think they gave themselves the shot and the first half, you know, and then they gain confidence says they went. But at the end of that game, they had all the momentum. You know that as well as I do, they should have won that game, had it not been for a blown call by the referee, which is awful. And and here's the thing that really struck me when I saw that that fumble that went out of bounds at the one yard, everybody even the the pollen Cam showed that the the referee that was right there beside the flay immediately went to the one yard line to call the ball out of bounds. Someone came from all. All the other side of the field to change his mind. You know? And I think this is it leads to a bigger. I think it's a conspiracy against the SEC. They don't want the SEC they'll think about it. If they, if Texas had won that game in the rankings would look Alabama one, Georgia to Texas a and then three. And I think Auburn should be number four, you know, based on what teams and how we played, you know, this year you'd have the top four teams, possibly. I mean, all remind have been number five or six. Maybe Ohio State was number four, but I really think is you know, so big country. Let me let me explain. So you think that there's somebody at the AM game that legitimately took took the time to think, you know what? Now we can't. We can't let this happen. Let's go ahead and call it a certain way. Is that what you're saying? I really think that's possibility. I mean, the referee that was closest to that play immediately went to the one yard line and call that ball out of bounds and another. The referee came over and change to change the call. You know, everybody saw the play, the Powell on Cam shows the Bohol going out of bounds before it cost. Now what? What other explanation is there? Because I listen, you may be onto something. Maybe maybe I need to get my tin foil hat on. I listen. I joke around about that. Hey, man, thank you for the phone call. I was strong. I joke around about that. No, there is not a conspiracy. A conspiracy last year would have been would if there was a conspiracy against the SEC they would have had Ohio State playing for a national championship last year despite losing by thirty one to a mediocre I wha team, right? That didn't happen what the college football playoff realize that committee understands is that the best football in college football is being played in this conference, and that's why frankly, I can't tell you what happens in the SEC west, right? I've got an inkling of what happens, but this is as loaded as it's been between Mississippi State being good Auburn, being good LSU. What they did against Miami was solid, and of course, Alabama finding their quarterback in to their backups, not bad as well. And on the other side, if you look at. Georgia's building. You can't tell me that this is the strongest conference in the SEC in all of college. Football. So is there a conspiracy theory? No, there's not a conspiracy theory, but I will say that they are. They're back. I'm gonna take this phone call against my better judgment because he's always good. But sometimes the upsets me Matt in Gainesville what's up. You're scared of Georgia. I mean, anybody would come on and say, we're gonna lose to SEC. West games has just scared. That's the only reason Joe calls what what I will say though is the big ten in John..

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