A highlight from The Productive Podcaster | EP27: Save Your Sanity


Hello everybody welcome to another episode of the productive podcast. My name is dr barron matthews. And i'm happy to have you here with me. Look if it's the first time even if you've been here for a while what i want to do is one thing i want to share this. Let everyone know if you're listening to the productive. Podcast i want you to ask everyone that you'd not subscribe to us and make sure they're paying attention because they're going to learn some things about podcasting a whole lot of different people because what productive podcast about a showing you can be productive and podcasting even if all you know how to do is turn on your smartphone. Learn so much about podcasting. And what i do is i bring different guest you so they can tell you what they know about podcasting and you can understand that. There's so many ways to skin this cat so one thing. I like to do what we start off the productive. Podcast start with a segment. I like to call pros and cons pros and cons. What pros and cons pros and cons is a segment where i give you a professional tip on podcasting if you can use to help you with yours now. One thing. i'd like to talk about naming your podcast naming your podcast. It took me something. It should be something clever. Something to capture. Someone's attention to moment. They see the name when they read the may. That's gonna pull them in. It can be a little ration- it can be something. That rhymes it. It could be something that makes them think it can be a play on words somewhere would needs to be something clever to grab their attention because you want them to not only grab your attention but you want to click the find out more about what it's about so if someone told me a long time ago about a book title people read the book title so that they can look at the sometime and that actually tell us more about what the book is about so the book title has to grab their attention. Same thing with your podcast. It should be something to grab your attention and the keep them interested enough to look even further so that is pros and cons for the day. Now we're going to be right back. After this methods. I have a very special guest to the doctor is in the house. I can't wait to bring her up here because he's going to talk about some things that we definitely need to find out about especially in podcasting so guys hang tight. We'll be right back right after this message. You've heard the rumblings you've even thought of starting your own but how everybody knows podcasting the fastest best way to get your message out and grow your business all at once. Although everybody knows. Nobody showed you what to do. Well podcast nation is ready to do all that v lifting you while you just deliver your message and grow join. The nation. Insert. your podcast. Today techs podcasts to nine two nine two four four four three to three and make them hear your voice. Do you hear what i hear. That's the sound of your tribe your audience your people. That's the sound of your nation. The people who love to hear the sound of your voice as you bring your special message to them and your very own podcast. How do you get to them. Let us handle that. We're podcast nation and we make sure they hear your voice. Podcast nation is a full service. Podcasting firm that does all the hard work for you so you can be the talent and get your message to your people just text. Podcast two nine two nine two four four four three two three and talk to one of our staff on how you can get started with your very own done for you. Podcast or go to podcast. Nation dot com and get started. Today that's p. o. d. k. nation dot com. Your people are waiting on you. Make them hear your voice. podcast nations. D-

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