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With my guest, Catherine Moran and can't mass with hoping the canned dot com before the break. We were talking with Ken about a good system that people can succeed in and how it benefits the company as well as the individual in its teammates to work together and everybody achieve success together. Instead of you know, this is stuff truly a team effort. Katherine. I was curious. You get started in this business. You've been a hairstylist you go to work. The door opens up people come to us somebody else's in charge of marketing. And now here you go you're on your own. What is some of the struggles that happened? What is it that you had to do? What did you have to teach yourself? Plug into the people that knew like can't, and Mary and dying people that I was working with the war. Who helped me to look at the things that I was afraid or fearful about what did I do when I first started out with hairstyling? I I went in. I had to learn had to go through that. I went to school, but I had to learn the different techniques in the new styles. Always continually changing exactly where you scared of. I was afraid of technology. I was I didn't even know what a three way phone call was because we didn't do things like that. I work people to people person to person. So. Helped you teach that or help to teach you that. They taught me that. Yeah. They taught me how to do that taught me how I could do a webinar over the on the computer. I if he would've told me that twelve years ago, this what what does that? So I mean, I knew that there were such things as computers and things like that. I knew how to check Email, but I didn't really like technology, and because I was afraid of it. That's really what it was. Sometimes we're afraid of things you don't understand don't know. So I had to face those years, and I did do that. And and I have done webinars, and I had the way things work in the team work. Things are done where you can click on links now and watch things and help people to see whether it's about the products. Yeah. For Tunde events that are going on in different date. It's just really it's been wonderful and the support of their meters like in Colleen and the people that really care. Have seen other people's lives change that made that relax relax trust. And then take those plugging and learn and you're never too old to that. So what are you doing from home? Are you soliciting? I mean, you are you calling people on the phone soliciting? You just building relationships are you how are you going to advance? What what is it that? You you wake up in the. There are events we want to invite people to events we've been doing radio for a while. We also do little ads and things sometimes put brochures out the round where people are can invite them to I used. I started a system here in quakertown area and with the chiropractor and his wife, and they they just became customers online, and I ran it through. So it was really wonderful because people would come and see if there is to meet the people, and that's really powerful. That's how this company really grew. And and I learned that. And then when we started doing more of webinars easier. Especially doing radio. Webinars were great because you could send a recorded webinars she's somebody to watch. And if they're interested they're going to call you back, and they want more information. Let me get started on his now. That's register you know, and people some people are very excited about it. And other people are scared like I was. Kid around with Mary and said, I was her tenth child because Mary had nine children. She was also a cardiac specialist, and I had blood pressure issues, which I'm off that blood pressure me sideways. So I love that. I face my fears. I was with people that understood who guided me gently by honestly, and the biggest problem I had was learning how to be disciplined working from home that was a huge one. But it was hard to be a parent too hard to juggle all that learning, and I did it. For goodness allows starting on your project. I mean, do you. How do you get some say here try this? I mean, obviously, they need to try it for a few days or months or something before they kind of get to see the benefits that you are saying, right? I often try and get people to do something we call super PACS. They have enough for four months or two months for a couple. So that they're gonna end I and I asked them to be consistent and faithful to their body is getting fed on the cellular level. So that they're getting this into their body. So their bodies can reward them. And that's really what happens. You know? It's been a long a long time that I've been on this. And I I think the longer this is in your body. The more your your cells are happy and yours. It makes your job easier to get another client to promote consuming. They're very concerned about being sick now with obesity, and and all the things that are out there. And this is a great way to get you. Right. Helping other people you can get your products. I have been since the first year products for free. That means my wellness plan. This tapes, I'm pretty well. So it's been 'cause it's consumer. Wow. How much money I've saved? Most of the time when people go into business they ended up having a lot of stress and they need hoping to Ken anyhow. So you just cut out the stress went right to all the good. So let's get. Our last break in our last break, we had a a question I started working in a home based business, but I really struggle to get it going. There's not much support. Can you give me some tips on how to organize my time? And just get motivated to do these things. That's from sandy in San Diego. Can't can you answer that? Again, I think I'll fall back on my coaching experiences. You get you kinda gotta have a plan. I mean, you've gotta have I'm gonna call it a game plan for lack of something better to call it. Whatever your ideas, you're gonna do I tell people you need to be a product of the product you need to take the product find what your results are after twenty five years. There's no question my mind. Some sometimes people say, Well, I I wonder if I'm gonna get results they're getting results. It's just a matter of what results they get. And then it's a matter of sharing. What you what happened to you? Or what results you had with people that, you know, love care about as I said, I will not go out. I do the business while I'm out rather than going out specifically to do the dizziness. It has made me just a much better listener, I listened to what people say what they're accused are what? They're interested in what their elements are whether they feel good or what hurts and then for the last twenty five years. I have not changed in my opening line one bit why because it works. My what I say to folks is I can help you with that if you'd like to hear about it. And then I'm done, then that's the last thing I say unless they what is it about my my elbow really hurts is can help with that. And then I'll tell them the story about somebody that I put on the product and helping. All right left on a second. I've got to go to break these segments. Fly by you're listening to the mentors radio show. I'm John Phillips for speaking with Catherine and camp to home based business experts from hoping dot com after the break, and what can't finish his story. And then we've got another question from.

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