Diversity And Inclusion In Digital Marketing


Okay. Welcome back to the agency ahead. Podcast by trajectory your scared sussman the head. Mark nieto trajectory. I am really excited. We are talking about one of the major topics that that is an ongoing issue in our industry. Which is diversity inclusion like for people who are getting into our industry marketing advertising as well as getting a seat at the executive table. I am joined by two brilliant women Rejoice a jock. who who is the global. Seo account manager at neo media world and will amina davis who is a search engine optimization specialists at reload digital where she just started and both of them are co founders of be digital which is a social platform to really just continue to have this conversation around diversity and inclusion and helping people of color and anyone who is kind of on the outside in how they can get involved with our industry feel safe improve the conversations improve you know just the production and what people are doing. Thank you ladies so much for joining me today. Thank you for having us. I think he this is cool. So this is one of the few interviews that i'm doing with two different guests. But you ladies have a chemistry i wanna know about digital. Tell me kind of what it is. Where did it come from. What are your goals with with your organization the movement. So we've been keiser. We basically i think we me with amina went to the women in tech. Seo conference and we do love that know this problem for women s year in general. But then when we were there. We like to seen as blackie d. You saw that is whether you're the president of the room to an agency michaels. Our there's no law black people here or black women and then i think we're just sitting on just. We should have something. That is promoting black. Pete who are all. I'm full black people to talk about an marketing advertising in general and thus be digital was a both of so we didn't wanna make exclusive. She just wanted to branch out to many different Channels within digital marketing and then we kind of decided what we call the scheme. I think it took us a day so this is what we want. This is how it and then we decided let's create campos. Let's create all of these things and known and i. I don't think we had a concrete crime. I think we like. We just wanna paste haven day information but it picks up so quickly and i remember we'd like we'd the quarterback. Now let's go and we just like we're gonna be we're going to. We're gonna do it and we kind of just us how this was really full. It was just t black gals who just once he goes. A space will other black people to be educated. Inspired and showcase telling shelf mocked into this amazing thing that is now part of this divesting inclusion compensation. That is awesome you know. What are you guys doing. So what how. Are you having these conversations. Where are you having these conversations. And and what are you doing with this momentum so having these conversations across all platforms Jay said let we started. We had no idea we just knew. We had a message and use voices. We had no idea when reach so. We just steidl like instagram Instagram feeds is on twitter and then asking trump house and then Can have this wet platform so all our platforms have been with him every time of presented a new place. When i yes let us spread this message nutshell. We're trying to do. let us know. Let people know that we want to create the space for black people. We once leitner. There's tuesday to help you grow that. You know people like you exist. They are bad. Because that's very important for us. I think is very lucky. I get to say that. I get to grow alongside digital because everything doing i'm still there. I literally started when i start to be digital About four months. So i was very new so just need says. I didn't have anywhere else to go to lender by s year. I didn't know anybody else who acts so. I want people who just let me to have that. I want them to have confidence by the new job. When you're moving even To the clubhouse on house again new jobs so i feel like i'm greg just alongside the digital said kind of like the first hand experience in space to we're trying to de

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