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And and this applies or real estate or anything like at the end of the day. Like, phil. Knight was his name, right? Phil knight. A Bill Collins because your name call. Okay. Yeah. Anyway, like the guy was obsessed like he was obsessed and everything he did just push push push push push for years to build up Nike. It's kind of like almost every successful person. I've ever known has done like they get obsessed about their entrepreneurial venture. I it's not just post an Instagram that you're an entrepreneur hashtag entrepreneur. And suddenly, you are right. Brandon Turner adjust orchid with bigger pockets, perhaps. Like, josh. And then me later we obsessed obsessed. Yeah. Anyway Reich hauling, yes. Yes. Yeah. And you're absolutely nuts. Supercharging though, when you see all the struggles that he went through like two years in two years in Monte. Okay. You know, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. So yeah, don't ruin how the book ends, but Nagy still around. So good right on. Okay. Colin what are some of your hobbies like to work out? I do cross fit love to travel. Although I haven't been travelling nearly as much as I would like, but yet we took the kiddo to y last year. So we got some more gonna gonna head over to Hong Kong in April. Yeah. Hang hang out with the kids. Those guys are they're demanding. So, you know, Paul patrol. Yeah. Zoo. Those are those are some of my hobbies nice. Yeah. Those are good hobbies. We watch a lot of what's show called doc. Mick stephen's. That's all okay..

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