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Just Brian. She right now. I'm looking at 74 degrees there in Kissimmee 75, now in Orlando, Severe weather stations. Same touch security, Triple team traffic. Let's go live to air one and Eric Brown. Oh, the ladies really kicking up, Scott. Right now I for eastbound is slow in 27 to find 30 to 1 92 to 5 35 Conroy to O B T that alien to downtown Westbound 4 36 billion Princeton to downtown at Torrance, four Awake. Starting to see some slowdowns on the four weight as you're heading westbound from just before 4 36 continuing towards Crystal Lake Drive. After that, you're going to be back up to speed and then slowing down a bit on the exit ramp to I for eastbound for weight. Eastbound is going to be up to speed all the way into the downtown area. This traffic report is brought to you by pro tech air conditioning Well, your air conditioning survived the summer give pro tech air conditioning and plumbing service a call at 407 to 91, 16 44 or online and protect a c dot com with traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning. We're helping you get to work on time. From the Wdbo Triple team traffic Center. I'm Ed torrents. Whatever it is that drives you. The U. S. Army offers training expertise and the surprising breath and depth of opportunities unique. Just answer one thing. What's your warrior? Find out a go. Army dot com joined the US Army on July 4th fireworks at the fountain. Hey, Scott and is back for my roofing company, Universal Roof and contracting. Make Universal roofing contracting part of your hurricane preparing his plan now offering 40%.

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