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Podcast. I'm Aronofsky alongside Conor Ryan of Boston Sports Journal Connor. And do we have anything to talk about today? I don't think we do. I really don't know. I mean maybe in just I don't know the weather the weather's nice outside 77 talk about. Yeah, I don't know. I watched you watching anything on T recently been to The Sopranos on HBO show or something like that or more more A Better Call Saul Now, I actually haven't gotten around to seeing better car a big Breaking Bad Guy, but it's haven't gone around people said it was kind of slow down to get around. Okay, you know will cut the shit. Yeah. No, there's there's a lot, you know, there's a lot going on there's quite a bit. And so by the way of Shadow me new new Mike. I hope you have some better or look better with age. Right in front of me now. It's not off to the side. This was $60 more. It's like supposedly the best Mike that can be plugged into your MacBook. So I was like hell yes sure, centers are thrilled shake it off, but I sound like an angel sound like first sex with Jesus. Yes friends a lot of stepbrothers references by the way on Twitter lately we get to that second. Yeah, so lots of stuff Bruins free agency the first half of day one was nothing there was nothing. I mean the TSN show they were grasping at straws to talk about you can only talk about or kind of Carousel enough. Yeah. They were they were really doing projects for the 2022 Olympics are projecting the Canadian teen. I was like, they're going to start doing like twenty twenty six to one point of they're going to keep on rolling with it tough tough day for content for the rest of the NHL. But Kevin Miller re-signs wasn't that big a thing but then our antennas popped up when the Bruins moved Sweeney's presser back from 5 p.m. Until 6 a.m. Saturday at 1 we thought it was much bigger. They have reportedly offered Taylor Hall a short-term three-year deal. But Torey Krug were all probably settling in for a nice fun Friday night. Whatever you decide to do whether you stand whether you go out and social justice, whatever it is who's probably cut in half like ours where when it around 8:00 Elliott Friedman tweeted out croup Saint Louis down all wet. What so what was your initial reaction to that? Very interested to hear this? Yeah. I think when the news broke that he was leaving. I don't think I think pretty much all of us were in the same boat that we thought he was going to go elsewhere and get a significant deal Saint Louis being the one to offer him that that came as a surprise. I think I don't think I really expected them to sign him considering, you know, the fact that st. Louis seem like they're still in the running for pietrangelo. They had money already tied up with a guy like Justin Faulk dead. So it came as a big surprise and I think even pietrangelo was I think pretty shocked by it too. It seemed like he was going to make the rounds and then probably come back to Saint Louis and I think as it progressed, I you know, we went from a situation where you know, Krug leaves and most of us were expecting to do it. Anyway, so you already kind of you know half way out the door of like, you know, congrats congrats improved for, you know, getting a you know, getting the bag and earning that contract that he definitely deserves been here that we wanted to team like Saint Louis which you know, I'm sure sours a lot of Bruins fans, but the fact that it seems like the issue is with the Bruins just.

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