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Should have a man who had tunnels under his house. I'm making clarity. The Wizard's lose to Atlanta at home, and it was tough end to the week on Wall Street, the Dow down 621. It's 11 o'clock. If CBS News on the hour sponsored by progressive insurance on that Piper in New York first, it was visor than Madonna. Now, Johnson and Johnson says it has a covert 19 vaccine ready, and it'll ask for emergency approval as early as next week. It's not a strong as some of its to Sean rivals. But Madame Maman, Global head of R and D for Johnson and Johnson's pharmaceutical Division, says it is a vaccine for everyone really good advocacy. Same level of protection across all age groups from the very young to the middle aged to the very old, he says. It's also effective against the variant identified in South Africa and now present in the US Elaine Carbs, CBS News Outrage in New York and against Governor Andrew Cuomo, the state attorney general, says the number of those who do Died from covert 19 in nursing homes was under counted, and that a lack of compliance But residents at risk WCBS TV s Alice Gaynor, the D O. H contends nothing in the guidance stated that a facility should accept patients who could not be safely cared for if they took a person who was not. Who they could not care for a covert positive person. They violated the law. In addition to the office of the attorney general, other law enforcement agencies have ongoing investigations into nursing homes. Federal police are still rounding those who attacked the capital earlier this month. Dozens have been arrested so far and more than 800 are believed to have gotten inside. On that day. CBS is Jeffrey Gaze says security is getting tighter by the day for lawmakers increase security around members of Congress, CBS News has learned that there's a new system in place that allows them to share their travel plans with police because there have been so many threats to their safety. Winter storm making its way east across the country from California.

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