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Rediscover it. We're not perfect all the time so I remember when Pat Burns finally won the Stanley Only Cup as the head coach the New Jersey devils in two thousand and three. He was at the podium he was saying. You guys never thought I'd win. We're all looking like who said Pat. Verne's was never GonNa win the Stanley Cup but that's who he was he was the cop. It was the US against the world mentality right so I just think it's part of your makeup your DNA and where are you at on Tori Krug the defense. He's headed cashbox yeah. He's he's a great player and he may not be the biggest guy but he's got the big. cavs avs is we learned in the interview. He's strong and he's tough and you know he's a pound for pound is a very powerful guy. The Boston bruins bother the fans have had an embarrassment of riches on the Blue Line that stretches back to Eddie Shore Yup when you think of all time hockey right Toe Blake but you look at the Ritsuo Bobby Orr Brad Par Array Boarders Dana Char are I saw it could have been if the Japanese and like they've had a great rate on the back and I can you think of a time where there wasn't a great blue liner back there for the Boston bruins stretching all the way back like they've always had someone back there. I'm trying to remember right now but who was between Bork and Chara. Maybe the only time in my lifetime that would be the only time but like high end guys like super high end guys. I like his defiance. I like Oh edgy. He is Torii crew and a good sense of humor guy too right because my family a man from Levonia caught that Ball Jack Eichel. I'm always curious. I suppose you are as well about what happens when the star player meets a new coach and maybe it's a new coach who's a little little bit different. Yes but Eichel and Krueger will be a fascinating case study this season well. They're off to a great start as you'll hear in the interview he talks talks glowingly about Krueger in their first meeting together and I heard a story and I haven't seen the player yet but I will ask them when I finally get a chance to see them and what the story was told. Why's that Ralph Krueger met at this player. I think at a coffee shop somewhere I don't know if it was in buffalo or where the player lives in the off season and the player walked out and Krueger was still there and the player. I don't know if it's his girlfriend or his wife came back to speak to Krueger and I said I just got to tell you as his partner that that was a great conversation for him. He's he's never had someone make him feel that good about himself and I'm really happy to see him feel so positive for an upcoming season so the comments comments you're GonNa hear from Eichel Echo the COM. It's I asked him the question because I heard this story right and I haven't asked the player yet so I'm not going to say who it was now. It's like the old line right like everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face. Let's see what happens when you go on the ice but at least he's trying to change the mentality. I'm wondering what Ralph Krueger's future is going to be in Buffalo. Is he going to be the coach because I could see him taking and a much bigger role in that organization depending on how things shake out. Let's here. It's this is Jack. Eichel the Buffalo Sabres on thirty one of the Pie and across Eichel shoots scores four nothing. That's Number Twenty Jack Michael Keith Berries from the Left Circle. I'm back that I have given the Buffalo Sabres the lead with ten twenty three to go in the third period his second of the they took they hit allows Darlene. Throw it out to the zone wit speed. I Don t scars fired a dark short side show Jack. I go makes it to one sabres. Save their first game. I I call on those meets. Go and it's dumbing sabre Michael Steele Ahead Eh Washington right through a cookie act coming the sick starring Jack Michael joins us on thirty one thoughts the podcast asked and jackets seems as if the majority of players that we talked to over the past couple of days here in Chicago younger players are either getting married worried or just had a kid so here's a question. Did you either get married or have a child in this offseason now neither of those okay. What did you do this off season. We weren't getting getting married or procreate traveled. I went to a lot of weddings. I went to a lot unfortunate. It's tough to say no right. I mean in your close friends. Get married get a lot of them. You're getting that SORTA. You're getting to that age where you're getting a million invitations and you can't say no to your close friends so so you got to go but it means traveling takes up your weekend. I mean it's always a great experience right but where's the farthest I actually came into Chicago and then drove up the Madison Wisconsin for one. It was a great time. It was an awesome. I had a great experience at the wedding had one in Pittsburgh and then one one a little bit outside of Toronto so you you know what we did we asked the three guys who got married hurdle nugent-hopkins and courier which NHL Player was put on the most embarrassing drunken can performance at the wedding and they wouldn't answer directly although nugent-hopkins through one of his friends under the bus all right so at the wedding us away this other summer which Taylor put on the most embarrassing performance harder throw guys ended up. I will say like not like drunken performance bad but dancing performance bad rhino was awful at Willy's wedding. He was hilariously Salihi dancing but he's just he wiped out a couple of times dance for was wet like He. He was great. I mean it was super entertaining so I'll say he he had a a great performance at one of the wedding. That's a very good answer. If that's a very good years yes that too yeah yeah. He deserves to expectations for buffalo this year. I mean personally personally. You had a wonderful season. Last Ten game win. Streak showed Buffalo Sabres fans what could be but it was also that rug pulled out from under them mm-hmm afterwards yeah. What's the expectation. If you guys going into the season well I think it showed the fans last year what it could be but I think it showed us to what it could be. If we win right what the the town would be like how the fans treat us. Everything and I think just getting that small tastes makes you want to have it all the time I mean it was it was awesome to see the way that they reacted to us doing that. Well unfortunately it wasn't sustained throughout the season. I think for us. It's it's fine in that even keel illness throughout the year. Obviously it's a long year. You play eighty two games. You travel a lot. There's Times where you're not good. There's many times where you're where you're playing well for us. Obviously we had that good stretch of games games and and we were good and after Christmas you know whatever things on row bit but it's just finding that that even killing us not getting too high after a win not getting into low after losses just focused on your next game. You're next opponent and trying to win that game and I think if we do that we'll have a little more success. I've heard that some guys have been blown away by. Are there meetings with Ralph Krueger this off season. Yeah I mean I'll tell you like I went to meet him for a cup of coffee in Slovakia and we ended up going to dinner for three hours like like just unbelievable. I was extremely blown away. That's a perfect way to describe it. I was blown away by meeting with him. He's somebody that if like if he says that he does something singer. It makes you want to do it. He started talking to me about like Bickham Yoga and how much he loved it so like I went and tried Bickram Yoga Jill like it. I liked it right. I'm I'm a sweater as is so I was hurting in the class it was it was tough but yeah. I mean I liked it like I enjoyed it like that's an example of kind of the type of personality. He has he when you're around him he makes you want to be a better person. Makes you want to be smarter. Makes you want to be a better hockey player like he's just he has that personality to M- it's like he brings the best out of people and I could not be more excited to start working within this year. You know what someone told me is like he's like that guy who is so oh positives so positive so positive and and you. WanNa say shop. How can you please this positive all the time but he pulls you in yeah. I mean I don't think we had one negative. Give conversation and the the whole summer I mean yeah. He is very positive and he's very he's very calculated like he knows what he wants to do and he does it and he has a plan plan for everything and nothing spur of the moment. Nothing's emotional for him. He's he's very thought out and I think it'll be really good for us. He's I mean. He's a leader like he's a very very good leader and I think you know he has the personality that it brings the best out of people like I said Yeah. I'm super excited for the season. How much of you've that three hour dinner conversation with Krueger was about hockey and was about other things Bickram Yoga itself. Yeah I mean you hit it on the head. If you sit down and have dinner with someone for that long probably not all going to be about hockey right so good. We talked about rock and roll. All we talk about cars. We talked about traveling. We talked. We talked about everything we spoke for a while. Obviously we spoke about hockey the team the sabers city but I mean I. I got normally well in the first meeting meeting. We had another one later but I got to know him. Well and I think he's somebody you can just talk to about anything I mean we went from talking about like seventies rock back to you know like Mercedes and travelling in Europe. Even politics like we talked about so many different things. That's a big one for you. Rate is yeah yeah yeah good taste like seventies rock so I go check out a little bit. I'm always curious how players talk to other players when they're going through something like Jeff. Skinner went through lassie's wonderful season shot the lights out as you all know. Oh and then went through that situation where we're all watching what's happening with skinner in the sabers. Here's is skinner coming back. How much would you to talk to either Jeff Skinner Jason Battle. How much would you talk to the two primaries involved in that situation or would you just say I'm pulling going back..

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