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My name is george nali and today. I'm going to talk about gold star families. Recently there were thirteen. American military members killed in afghanistan. Eleven marines one navy cormon and one army person. Their names are max. Soviak kareem nicoli. David louie espinoza riley mccullum jared schmitz hunter lopez taylor hoover dagan william tyler ricky thompson. Umberto sanchez johannes rochereau ryan canals and nicole g. They were all very very young most of them were twenty or twenty one. Although one of them was taylor hoover was thirty one. This is the first time. We've had that many casualties and a very long time. And when i think about them i think about their families called gold star families. Those are families who have lost loved ones in combat. And when i want to do now is read. You an article from a lieutenant. Colonel george goodson. This articles written in two thousand seven. So it's been a long time. He was a marine lieutenant. Colonel and he wrote this in the marine corps gazette and i want to read it in its entirety. Because it's a very powerful article. And i have it in our show notes in case you'd like to also read it burial at sea by lieutenant. Colonel george goodson. Us mc retired my seventy sixth year the events of my life appeared to me from time to time as a series of vignettes. Some were significant. Most were trivial. War is the seminal event in the life of everyone that has endured it though. I fought in korea and the dominican republic and wounded. Their vietnam was my war now. Forty two years have passed and thankfully i rarely think of those days in cambodia laos in the panhandle north vietnam where small teams of americans martin yards fought much larger elements of the north vietnamese army. Instead i see vignettes some exotic some mundane the smell of mom the heat dust and humidity the blue exhaust of cycles clogging the streets elephants moving silently through the tall grass hard is behind the servile smiles of the villagers standing on a mountain in laos and herring tiger roar. A young girl squeezing my hand as my medic delivered her baby. The flowing allies of the young women biking down trend hungo and my two years as casualty notification officer in north carolina virginia and maryland. It was late. Nineteen sixty seven. I just returned after eighteen months. in vietnam. casualties were increasing. I moved from my home. In indianapolis norfolk rented. A house enrolled my children in their fifth or sixth new school and bought a second car a week later. I put on my uniform and drove ten miles to little creek virginia. I hesitated before entering my new office. Appearances important to career marines. I was no longer. If ever poster marine. I had returned from my third torn vietnam only thirty days before at five nine. I now weighed one. Hundred twenty eight pounds thirty thirty seven pounds below my normal weight..

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