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I've been better I say you're wrong And I know because I was there and I have seen it and I remember Today Bob Dole died at 98 years old CBS News political analyst Leonard steinhorn He was tireless in raising money for the World War II memorial in Washington even spending weekends there welcoming veterans and he understood that we fought these wars to protect a democracy that represented different and opposing worldviews And because of that even though he was a conservative to the core he understood that the only way to make this democracy work was to respect those with different perspectives the COVID-19 omicron variant has now been found in 16 states Connecticut among them governor Ned Lamont on face the nation When the crime is coming up from New York on the I 95 corridor but delta's coming down from New Hampshire Vermont Massachusetts and no state is an island and no country is an island So far health officials have reported that the handful of known cases in the U.S. have been mild in vaccinated people In California it's either smash and grabs at high end stores or home robberies happening as of late Case CBS TV's Jeff no wet is in Los Angeles where what's known as follow home robberies have happened once again LA county sheriff's deputies entered this West Hollywood apartment building where management told us two tenants were robbed around 2 a.m. Saturday morning The last couple of months I started to worry because we've had break ins in the building We've had break ins in the garage The LAPD says it's investigating more than a hundred follow home robberies in recent months It speaks to the sort of economic conditions in the city right now in the disparity between people who have a lot in people who don't Military families in Hawaii are complaining of what appears to be contaminated water They say they're taps smells like gas and it's making them sick KG MB TV's filled day saga is speaking with some of Hawaii senators who says the federal government will help clean up their red hill well Senator Brian shot said he told White House officials that the.

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