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You know, they'll get those cleaned up. I think this is, you know, this long weekend is a perfect time for that. The biweek coming up is a perfect time for them to sort of reset for some of these things. I thought the running backs were great, the offensive line was good. Receivers were solid, some mistakes here and there like Jacoby Myers coming out of his break on third down. I didn't think it was great. Hunter Henry was wrong on the end zone in completion where Mac shot it to the back flag, even though, I don't know if it would have been completed. I could Mac was right on film, in my opinion, Mac was right on that. So very minor stuff that they have to clean up. If they would have cut down the mistakes just a few, they'd probably score 40 in that game. So I'm not overly alarmed with the offense or the team at all. I do think there are some things that if I were playing the Patriots that I would try to do and we'll discuss that. But yeah, really, really good solid victory. Look at Thursday night. Yeah, 5 O on the road so far. And we know, you know, Belichick. And really every football coach takes pride in that. But you know how good of a football team you have or how much you can trust the team by what they do on the road. And they're 5 and O on the road, even against bad teams on the road. You have some funkiness. We saw that with the bills and Jacksonville a couple weeks ago, you know, you can slip up on the road. And of course, the Pats had the brutal first half against Houston. But all in all, 5 O on the road. I mean, that speaks volumes to how mentally tough this team is. I do believe. And you hit the nail on the head Greg. Look, Thursday night. And this is not an excuse. But for years now, Thursday night is funky, it's clunky. You don't really know what you're going to get. It's a short, quick, fast turnaround. And sometimes you just have to fight through and win a game. And I feel like that's what the Patriots did. They dominated this game. It was the mistakes. As you mentioned, it was the bad pick by Mac when he had Nikhil Harry wide open down the sideline he threw it into double coverage down the seam to John who that was a bad play, bad decision by Mac. But most of all you look at the flags, a couple of flags on the offense, a holding that got them. You also had a couple of sacks that just killed them in tough times, Jacoby Myers fell on one of his routes, that kind of stalled the drive. Kind of simple mistakes. And defensively,.

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