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Yeah l. zoo. It's an intense and that was my next point. Three hundred meter object. If it did hit the earth what would be the likely scenario from a whether or not a greatest his full on. it's a an object that size. Hayes is not fatal to to humankind however it could be fatal to a city or even a state you talking about probably statewide damage facility facilities and it would have an effect on the on the atmosphere. Generally you know it might put dustin atmosphere and reduce temperature or some other effects But it's not going to be a species extinction event. It's dangerous though is very could be bad for tasmania would wipe out. Chas morales that scaring. Yep you know if you states have similar that probably project the impact point Pretty accurately and move everybody at long before this happened shortly. That's right the near you get to the time the more accurate you have walked the scenario. Ob you are right though. It may by twenty sixty eight the technologies. We have might be good enough to move it. And if i in particular if you know if if you get to a couple of decades before and it's starting to really look serious so by the middle of the century twenty fifty then you can bet your life that Remedial action will be mounted. Rather than just sitting. Watching bruce willis. I'm telling you might be the solution we need. I think i'll cloning by the into so they probably could probably courteous. Watch with interest but hopefully hopefully will not have to worry about that in two sixty eight. You're listening to the spice nuts. Podcast andrew dunkley here with professor fred watson narrowed base matz. Thanks for joining us. You're listening to.

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