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To look at just the consumption patterns and vina blockbusters have become not only a thing for the movie studios and the box office but it's also blood into the streaming wars and um and even the television networks are trying to respond obviously companies that stream things have a fair amount of our data they see what we watch what we like and that can be great as of your when you've got recommendation preferences but i'm wondering when you think about this from a corporate standpoint our companies more likely to create content that sort of scratches the itches they see from what viewers are streaming well that's the strategy of netflixing an amazon they have gobs of of consumer data they know what you watch when you watch it next year things going to be really interesting because we're going to see whether or not the government is going to allow a at least one big merger the at t consolidation of time warner time warner which owns hbo cnn tnt cartoon network warner brothers studio one of the reasons why at t wanted to buy time warner was because it wanted to better personalized advertising and sell advertising in a more efficient manner well what does that mean it means use a lot of this analytics that they get from your phone use what you're what what you're watching on your phone to sell advertising that is going to be more relevant to individual consumers so when you start seeing on your your phone in a dog food odds or you know maybe want this cost him for your dog or or some other more personal uh am i got it actually will i suspect that you have been privy to my data because those are the things hud.

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