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One of the. Yeah. I mean, look I have a lot of respect for Maximus mischief. I think he's a really talented horse. Not your typical rents in winter usually a remnant winners kind of that horse stamina strength kinda player that late in the year. Nobody wants to run nine along with duct in November. And it becomes kind of just the battle of Braun at that point Maximus mischief was kind of brilliant before that. And the question was would he go that far so coming back for shorter distance like the Holy Bull. I I look at him like a traditional Renton worse is you know, gotta turn it on. Now. I think he's kind of were able to extend and has plenty of turn on about him. So I think Maximus chip would be awfully tough to beat in that spot, and he'll be the one meals comes back. You know off the win in the mutual. Macho man another rates where you know, gun metal grey. He'd get a pretty favorable pay set up the way things worked out. That day and the running lines for me, host of not been flattered. If you go back and look at some of the horses that have run against them though. Sources didn't come back to kind of you know, exchange that form, that's not a tell all. But you know, when we're trying valuate sources so few running line, the kind of things we kinda grab a hold of at this point in time to try to develop some sense of you know, strength the schedule and class of who they run against meals hasn't been flattered by some of his past rivals. So maybe he's underlay just a bit looks Halid. You know, I I can't tell you another horseman that I respect as much Jimmy jerkins Graham motion. Those guys are kinda in that boat for me when they end up work out. I don't. I have a hard time on next door. You know, even if there's something about him. I don't quite like there's so much respect those two sports and especially over rounded ground doing their things so meals wouldn't be shock. But I I kinda think you've not quite as that Muto macho man, but Jimmy can people moving, you know, maybe he's nowhere near as pay probably not with Jimmy patient. And and developing a horseman the is. So, you know, maybe we have something negative to say about him for now. But the horse has a lot more ceiling to find Jimmy will find it if it's there. And finally, the weather's got about a minute less than a minute lucky Li and Moretti admire not that Brady are rain trust and Sir Winston both for Cassie and tax from Danny garden. Yeah. On the rate in our brain, Trump is one who got some respect for and there again, I think this is going to be that kind of audition race somebody up here and belong in the next step in the got the Gotham. We'll get much tougher because that'll be the first time in New York that we start to see some really good horses come up from Florida. So it gets much deeper after this with mind control not in the winters this weekend. It, you know, it's not it's not a first level allowance race. But there's not gonna get big discrepancy between a good allowance trace in that one..

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