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Really for for digital kind of play a role into the healthcare space. And so you take take that and fast forward decades later and the processes are still pretty clumpy right you. There's there's still lots of administrative ways and you know. I'm just super grateful and fortunate to be sitting in a position. Where truly the epicenter. And kind of smack dab in the middle of what we're seeing as the healthcare digital transformation revolution more broadly today. Yeah that's great. I mean just picture you there on the floor papers everywhere trying to figure this thing out and that a hobby moments like wow. This could be so much better. And hey you. Are you know many years later pursuing that mission with obvious. So folks you've listened to a couple of interviews with other leaders at abuja on the podcast. Bruce and amy and you know they're helping. Healthcare organizations unlock the power of digital and so john as exciting to get you on here to talk more about the venture side of things and so tell us a little bit more about how the business is adding value to the healthcare ecosystem around venture. Yeah yeah absolutely. And you know maybe just the set the stage and provide a little bit of context for those listening and who who don't know obviously kind of more. Broadly obvious really. A network of fifty plus leading health systems across the country systems all shapes and sizes big small academic community base royal urban. And no really. They're all aligned around one key thing it's how can we best leverage digital to move the needle at organization and so we obviously partner with our systems in a number of different ways right. Starting you know all the way the top with things like enterprise strategy and how can we help systems think through what are some of those really big moves those big things that we need to be thinking about in order to stay competitive and relevant in healthcare market. Today all the way down to you know. Hey i'm really trying to pick the right solution company partner to help us. You know take better care of our patients at home for example and you know. Can you help us. Pick and align the right solution partner for us in the monitoring space and so you know you. I feel like all people get the joke. Great at it. We know that digital is massively important in healthcare right. And you know you can spend a ton of time interviewing some of the most inspiring leaders that are tackling some really really complex challenges but the reality in our world is just so much noise out there and you have every company touting. I machine learning. They might be the virtual health platform and a future. And that's not to.

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