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Welcome to the frame. I'm Steven Cuevas filling in for John horn allegations of sexual misconduct have toppled some of the biggest names in Hollywood over the past couple of years. Harvey Weinstein Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, but a new investigation from the Daily Beast by my guest Amy's Zimmerman chronicles over a decade of alleged sexual and physical assault by a lesser-known Hollywood player screenwriter and producer, max Landis. The thirty three year old son of a ward winning director John Landis. Several women have come forward, alleging max Landis of violence rape and emotional abuse and today variety reported that Landis has been dropped by his manager Amy's Zimmerman says from her research, Landis appear to use his position in Hollywood to his advantage. A lot of the women in the story describing you'd LA there, people who are interested in breaking into the entertainment industry. And on top of all of that he is saying here. These connections where you hear these opportunities. And it seems like at least according to these accusations. These are the women who max would allegedly victimize. Amy did any of the women, you spoke with who were allegedly physically sexually assaulted by max. Landis, did any of them go to the police to with authorities or at least documents this alleged abuse in the way of photographs of telling other friends, writing things down in diary, and so forth. There's a story of Kelly rates. She had basically gone to the police with an allegation of sexual assault against max Landis, and Halley's, French who witnesses alleged sexual assault was at the courthouse. She alleges that max Landis is attorney basically came over and had a conversation after that conversation, Halley, did not wanna participate anymore. We definitely made an effort to speak with friends family members people who the women, the accusers may have disclosed to around the time it'd be alleged abuse or shortly afterwards. So we do that throughout the peace. One of the women wrote max, an Email, saying, this is the abuse that I remember from our romantic relationship, and he responded, something along the lines of. Wow. That sounds terrible. So nothing remotely resembling a denial. So that Email, certainly stuck with me. You know, even about two years ago, an alleged victim tweeted out some of these allegations against max land. So how is this allowed to go on for so long in two thousand seventeen there were kind of flurry of social media posts? But the thing about those social media posts is, I believe there were no firsthand to cues IRS. So this was a lot of secondhand allegation and. And then fast, former two years, I guess, in February two thousand nineteen a woman wrote an anonymous medium post which was you know, her firsthand allegation of an attempted sexual assault. But yeah, what happened in the interim two years. A lot of the people, I spoke with for this article were really expecting a big expose to come out and the question of why this hasn't happened sooner that question still really Lincoln, one other thing, your piece mentions. This unpublished Hollywood. Reporter expose on land is can you confirm that, that story exists? And if so why wasn't published because the Hollywood reporter has been pretty aggressive about, you know, outing such abusers. And in Hollywood. In that medium post. She said that she had spoken with the Hollywood reporter for an article, but that that article had never come out. So we had the Daily Beast covered that medium post and at the time we reached out to the Hollywood reporter and didn't get a response back from them. And I also for that article I connected with the author of the medium post, and she sent me emails back and forth, that she had with a journalist from the Hollywood reporter, so to the best of our ability, we did confirm that there was something in the works at the Hollywood reporter at that time. So that would have been around twenty seventeen I don't know how far they got with that article. I don't know what the circumstances were or why are never publish. I'm talking to Amy Zimmerman entertainment reporter at the Daily Beast about allegations against max Landis, Amy much of this alleged abuse occurred prior to the metoo movement. So is this behavior? Kind of a vestige of those pre metoo days or. Does it perhaps just scratch the surface of a trend that continues in Hollywood? Most of the behavior does predate me, too. But we quote on Baker, I believe she ended their relationship, maybe four months ago, really not long ago at all. So if the question is if me to, you know, load down or halted maxes alleged abuse, I would say, no, not at all. Well, until recently max Landis was still attached to a couple of projects as screenwriter and producer. What's the status of his involvement with those and his reputation going forward and Hollywood. Yeah. So for the piece we connected with a Representative for the producers of shadow in the cloud, which is a film that max originally wrote. And it's currently I believe being filmed, and what that Representative told us is that the script was optioned prior to the wave of twenty seventeen allegations. They allege that they were unaware of those alligator. Nations, and that after the allegations surfaced, they renegotiated with Landis to have him removed as a producer, and they further told us that maximum will not be involved in the film in any way. The other kind of project is this film deeper that I believe is in pre production and I've reached out to everyone. I could think of involved in that project to try to see what these allegations, and what this article means for that project moving forward. And I think we're just gonna have to see, but I think that the question a lot of people are asking, did you reach out to max Landis for a comment, and if so what was his response? Yeah. We reach out to max multiple times. They're responsive. No response. We never received a comment. Amy Zimmerman is entertainment reporter for the Daily Beast. Amy, thanks for talking to us, and thanks for your reporting. Thank you so much for having me..

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