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F. Gin was born in La. Crosse County Wisconsin on August twenty seventh nineteen O six. The second of two boys of George Philip gain an Augusta gain had an elder brother. Henry George Gain Augusta hated. Her husband and Alcoholic was able to keep a job he had worked at various times carpenter. Tanner an insurance salesman. George owned local grocery shop for few years but sold the business and the family left to the city to live in an isolated hundred and fifty five Acre farm in the town of plainfield which became the GIN families. Permanent Residents Augusta took advantage of the farms isolation by turning away outsiders who could have influenced or sons. Edward left the farm only to attend school outside of school. He spent most of his time doing chores on the farm. Augusta was religious and nominally. Lutheran priest her boys about immortality the world the evil drinking and her belief that all women except herself were naturally instruments of the devil sheared time every afternoon. Read to them. The Bible usually selecting verses from the Old Testament concerning death murder and divine retribution. Edward was shy and classmates and teachers remembered him as having strange mannerisms such as seemingly random laughter as if he was laughing his own personal jokes to make matters worse as mother punished him. Whenever you try to make friends. Despite his poor social development he did fairly well in school particularly in reading on April first. Nineteen forty it's by the George died of heart. Failure caused by his alcoholism he was sixty. Six years of age. Henry and ED began doing odd jobs around town to help cover living expenses. The brothers were generally considered reliable honest by residents of the community Wa both worked as handymen at also frequently babysat for neighbors. He enjoyed babysitting seeming to relate more easily to children than adults. Henry began dating and divorced single mother of two and plan on moving in with her Henry worried about his brother's attachment to their mother and often spoke ill of her around Ed. Who responded with shock and hurt on May Sixteenth Nineteen Forty Four? Henry and ED was burning away. Marsh vegetation on the property the fire though got out of control drawing the attention of the local fire department by the end of the day. The fire having being sting wished and the firefighters going. Ed reported his brother missing with lanterns and flashlights. A SEARCH PARTY SEARCHED FOR HENRY. Who's dead body was found lying face down? Apparently he had been dead for some time and it appeared that the cause of death was heart failure since he had not been burned. Or you know injured otherwise. It was later reported in herald biography of GIN. That Henry had bruises on his head. The police dismissed the possibility of foul play and the county coroner later officially listed. I fix Asian as the causes death. Your thirties accepted the accident. Theory but no official investigation was ever conducted. An autopsy was never performed some suspected that Ed gin killed his brother. Questing gained about the death of Bernice warden in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven state investigator. Joe Will brought up questions about Henry's death. George studied the case wrote that. In retrospect it was possible and likely that injuries death was Cain and Abel Aspect of this case Guinness. Mother were now alone. Gusta had a paralysing stroke though. Surely after Henry's death and again devoted himself taking care of her sometime in one thousand nine hundred eighty five zero gin later recounted he and his mother visited a man named Smith who lived nearby purchase drawl according to again Augusta witnessed Smith beating a dog a woman inside the Smith. Home came outside and yelled at him to stop but Smith beat the dog. Death Augusta was extremely upset by the scene. However what bothered did not appear to be the brutality toward the dog but rather the presence of the woman Augusta told at a woman was not married as Smith so she had no business being there. Smith Harlot Augusta angrily called her. She had a second stroke soon after and her health deteriorated rapidly. She died on December. Twenty Ninth Nineteen Forty five at the age of sixty seven. Ed was devastated by her death. In the words of the author Herald he had lost his only friend and only true love and he was absolutely alone in this world. Gin held on the farm and earn money from our jobs. He boarded up rooms used by his mother including the upstairs downstairs parlor and living room leaving them untouched. While the rest of the house became increasingly squalid these rooms remained pristine gin live thereafter in a small room next to the kitchen around this time. He became interested and reading pop magazines and adventure stories. Particularly those involving cannibals were Nazis. Gin was a handyman and received a farm subsidy from the federal government starting nineteen fifty one. He occasionally worked for the local municipal road crew and crops rushing crews in the area sometime though between nine hundred forty six and nineteen fifty-six he also sold about eighty acres parcel of land that his brother Henry owned but on the morning of November Sixteen Nineteen fifty seven plainfield hardware store owner Bernice warden disappeared. Plainfield resident reported that the hardware store truck had been driven out from the rear of the building at around nine thirty. Am The hardware store was closed the entire day. Some area residents believed that this was because of deer hunting season. Bernice Wardens Son. Deputy Sheriff Frank Warden into the store around five o'clock. Pm to find the doors. Cash Register Open and bloodstains on the floor. Frank Warren told investigators that edgy and had been in the store that evening before his mother's disappearance that he will return the next morning for a gallon of antifreeze. A sales slip for a gallon of Anna. Freeze was the last receipt written by warden. On that morning she disappeared on the evening of the same day game was arrested at West Bloomfield. Grocery store and county sheriff's department searched again. Far County sheriff's deputy discovered wards a capitated body and shit against property hung upside down by her legs with a crossbar at her ankles and ropes at her. Rhys Torso was dressed like a near ship and shot with a twenty two caliber rifle and the mutilations were made after searching the house authorities have found the remaining whole human bones and fragments a waste basket made of human skin human skin covering several chair seats scars on his bedpost. Female SKULLS SOME WITH TOPS. Sawn-off bowls made from the human skulls of course at May from female torso skinless shoulders to waist leggings. Made from human leg skin masks made from the skin of female heads. Mary Hogan's face mask in a paper bag. Mary Hogan's skull in Box. Bernie's wardens entire head and a burlap sack Bernice wardens heart in a plastic bag in front of gains potbellied stove nine Volvos in a shoebox a young girls dress and the two females judge have been about fifteen years old. A belt made from female human nipples four noses a pair of lips on a window shade drawstring lamp shade made from the skin of a human face fingernails from female fingers. These artifacts were photographed at the State Crime Laboratory and then destroyed when question again told investigators that between nineteen forty seven in one thousand nine hundred eighty two. He made as many as forty. Nocturnal visits to three local graveyards. Zoom recently buried bodies while he was in a daze like state on about thirty of those visits. He said he came out of the days when the cemetery left the grave in good order and return home empty-handed on the other Cajun's he dug up the greatest recently buried middle aged woman. He brought in reassembled his mother. He took the bodies home where he tanned their skins to make his paraphernalia. Gin stealing from nine graves from local cemeteries and let investigators to their locations. Allen of the State Crime Laboratory participated in opening three test. Graves identified by again. The the caskets were inside wooden boxes. Atop boards. Ran Cross ways. Not lengthwise the tops. The boxes were about two feet below the services. Sandy Soil Gin at rob the gray soon after the funerals while the grades were not pleaded the test graves zoom because authorities run certain as to whether the slight gain was capable of single. Hanley digging up a grave. During a single evening they were found again described. Two of the exumed were found empty. One had a crowbar in place of the body. One casket was empty. One cask again fell to open when he lost his pry bar and most of the bodies was gone from the third grave. You're GonNa Return Rings and some body parts soon. After his mother's death game began to create a woman suit so that he could become his mother to literally crawl into her skin. Gin denied having sex with the body's heat explaining they smelled to bed during State Crime Laboratory. Here Gatien get also admitted to shooting get the Mary Hogan a tavern owner missing since nineteen fifty four whose head was found in his house but he later denied memory of details of her death sixteen-year-old youth whose parents were friends again and who attended ballgames movies with them reported. That again. Kept shrunken heads in his house. Which described as relics from the Philippines sent my cousin who had served in the islands during World War. Two bond investigation by police determined to be human facial skins carefully peeled from the corpses.

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