Stevens, Obama Administration, BEN discussed on The Laura Ingraham Show


It about the disaster a security situation and then guys see no repeated warnings and incidents and then because he that should've indicated that ambassador stevens never should have traveled there it was really more about in competition said or negligent and negligence recklessness lying on the part of the administration first it was in a terror attack and then it was well this was a terrorist and so then and no lead that awful videotape is really behind so you just like to ben guys wasn't the really it's it's is a nice was and lynchpin of ben guys a shot just a function area he won out and did the dirty work for the administration on the sunday shows one of you out there listening would put up with that the year you there you dude you for the obama administration it is i know what else would do this job no one else wanted to go out misses like on do it yeah boss on do it going is it was a videotape but it among the center the disasters security situation amend god dual to get him off the fact that we have moved when our guys are contractors former special forces could've gotten in that compound earlier really in yeah i they got an early some let's get off that topic let's get onto the video tape i didn't being that person who they should i am but he didn't know about what's he thought it was a video tape but i can imagine she did bid let's give him the benefit of the doubt if in fact it is she didn't know what was those false and then he realizes afterward and she goes out on every sunday show unsold that why you look at yourself in the mirror and stay in that administration.

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