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I guess which I feel the same. I mean, that's the number. Remember, my grandfather saying that to me is you think I'm this old, man. And I still feel in here. You know, like the guy in that. Because I was looking at a photo. I remember going to my photo my grandfather fifties he looked he looks. Pimped out as well. It looks so hit. And he said I'd still that's me. I mean, no, you don't see that me. And I think I am happy that I'm getting to do the kind of work, you know, dead poet's society a little bit of a charge. You know, you hear people talk about carpet DM, gather Rosebud swell. You may. I don't think I realized that at the time, but that movie was a charge in a lot of people who saw it. But to those of us who worked on it was charge to live your life to the fullest and live it by your own definitions. What how do you define success? Not how everybody around you defined success. Not how it's not what your mom wants to live your life. How you think somebody else while you know, your brother, whoever it is how you wanna live your life. And I think I didn't realize at the time what? A tattoo that movie was on my heart. What did you? Learn from Robin Williams just watching him as a young actor. Well. The first. He gave me the first taste of what acting could be in what you'll people often. See when people say, oh, I want to be an actor something. Usually what they mean is I want to be noticed? I wanted people to pay attention to me. And would you learn as you develop a relationship to acting that the real mystery and the beauty of it lies? Dissolution of self that when it goes really, well, you disappear and you're in service of a larger story in you realize that all the things that are essential about who you are exist in you as well. And in everyone in it's a very powerful thing. And I did this scene with Robin where he says, you know, tell it interesting doesn't think he has anything of value inside of him. And he asked me to sound. My barbaric, y'all up over the rooftops of the world, and it was an amazing experience because the deeper into that scene. I got but the day was over. I couldn't remember what had happened, and it was the first taste of how positive and how beautiful performance could be which is part of a collective imagination. It's not me. It's Robbins immagination is Josh Charles's imagination. It's Robert Sean Leonard imagination. It's the it's the grip. It's the guy holding the light. We're all. You know, you're collecting something. And when you see that have impact over the asks you about it thirty years later, you go everybody likes to tell you. How things don't matter. They do matter in it is when something goes right like that it has reverberations that last a long time. And that makes me excited to go to work tomorrow and river rations that continue today. I mean, I have to magic for you still hear about it. When you're walking down the street society. What didn't do to your life though, as a young actor? You're a teenager trying to figure yourself out a little bit. I have to imagine. Here comes this movie that makes like a quarter of a billion dollars, and now you're famous and now people know your name, wouldn't that mean to you in your life? You know, what's strange is the way life works is now at this point at forty seven. I don't know what it's like not to have that. Norman, that's the story. I. I I was lucky because it happened in a group. I've often felt it was more difficult for people like Matthew mcconnahey or Julia Roberts or Denzel Washington until it happened pretty slow for. But when when it happens to somebody overnight, and it has an individuality individuality attached to it. Meaning I was going to one of the dead poet's. Right. You know, it wasn't really Ethan Hawke in that that that can happen with reality bites. But I was I felt the power of how the arts can affect people and that had a big positive impact on the negatives are kind of there's a luxury tax of having to make mistakes in public. There's a luxury tax of losing iniquity in that can inhibit your learning. It's very difficult to do anything authentically when you're in a zoo..

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