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To the most serious of crimes potentially affect the patient i mean when you look at a dui if for physician were to get a dui that is serious that is reportable to the medical board but that didn't unless that affected a patient it should not be part of the disclosure that is state senator jerry hill who's backing this bill otherwise known as the patient's right to know act bro that was the vote in sacramento before an all important business and professions committee it was unanimous a full vote in the legislature making this potentially a law if the governor signs off is possible in the next few months california senator is they're advancing at first in the nation bill to significantly change the standards for when police can open fire the measure passed by a state senate committee tuesday with limit police use of deadly force to situations where it's necessary to prevent imminent and serious bodily injury or death to the officer or other person california's current reasonable force nattering makes it rare for officers to be charged after a shooting the bill now goes to a second committee union city officers attempted to stop a car that got into a gun battle that left at least one suspect injured at happened around eleven thirty five last night in the area of east street and railroad avenue officials say one suspect drove the car to the area of railroad avenue and whipple road and all three suspects ran into the surrounding neighborhoods all three are juvenile's and are in custody authorities are not saying what prompted the shooting just ahead on kcbs i'm holly quantum marine county where police take advantage of summer recess practice active shooter protocols with a check of traffic on this tuesday.

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