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That is not only pretty high for the region given the pius worth populate europe but it's also figure that took ps4 a ps pro four weeks the hit last year so uh anyway is is this thing better i don't know but anyway at digger xbox mian data tesla boy oh boy this sector harassment stop is just continuing a space x board members at taken leave after sexual harassment charges steve germiston promises legal action against people who defamed the i'm tanya this it's right now if you even look sideways it someone need a year in trouble it is in i know some of these charges are very very serious know ladies don't take me the wrong way okay but uh you know things are drop people are dropping like domino's and if he'd of these people are done uh some of the piece of stuff that's actually be in said than they they deserve to have their livelihood impacted that dead it's most it rich preach which rich people that adult if you're going to hurt him or not in the ah they may have enough money to survive by who knows a dead another went bites the dust here tassell spacex ford numerous taken leave spotify you know e spotify is kind of an interesting platform and spotted by his merchandise sales now is could include yes you're going to hear this beauty products it's always been passerby merchandise on spotify that merchandise sales are now going to include beauty products.

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