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The buzzer It's time for the, blast with TD and Tierney All right so number one, Malcolm Jenkins says he wants all, the Super Bowl banners removed from the locker room says the team. Is thinking about the future and not the past do you like to. Send them in or is just corny knows funny I, a hundred percent, agree with Malcolm. Jenkins on, this I truly do especially in football I. Mean you just what you did the previous season it literally means, nothing think. About going into next baseball season Yankees Red Sox Astros all these teams that are gonna win ninety. Eight and Red Sox go one hundred and hundred something gains No They're going to be incredibly valuable now they might not what a championship. Think it'd be. Good I, mean it's not completely infancy if injury strike and things go, wrong did they go six and? Ten and they finished last in, the it's. Not it's not out of the realm of. Possibility he's fundamentally? Right you want our knowledge the, championship but you don't want to lean on it every day and you can get a little comfortable seeing that that Lombardi. Trophy I think he's. Right Number two Chris Carter went off. Big on Adrian Peterson saying that he's. Walked. Up saying that he, looked he looks just as bad and Redskins outfit that? I, did my dolphins uniform assault. Peterson responded back though by saying Chris Carter's. Had some off field mistakes, and shouldn't be talking and they're going, to question his football acumen about whether or not he really knew the sport if he's questioning him. Because of his off the field drug issues no more because I think Peterson is supremely confident and his own skills so anyone questioning him. Doesn't know football. Okay but, outside of that how many yards do you think Peterson has, this year I I think he's? Really good let me just say that he's. Very opinionated and a matter of fact I. Think is off? The field issues help him with, a good perspective on guys who get a little wobbling unsteady early in their careers I liked Carter how many yards for. A d. this year I'll take the under five hundred I expect nothing expectation Adrian Peterson this year I told you it. Was done last year so he's gonna suddenly regenerate this year It's starting to get a little sad now I'm going to go through the charade again next season. And you know. Find another, uniform he, went from, being one of the indisputably great, talents of all time. At any still at his apex. Resides in that territory. Like Jim Brown of, course Barry Sanders of course like Adrian Peterson, at his best Walter Payton right there This, Adrian Peterson, I've got, no interest in watching I think, Chris card is right Dodger's starter Kenta Maeda. Pitched the ninth inning last, night saying it. Feels different, with more pressure and anxiety? What's harder starting a game closing one? Out I mean is this, a serious question what do you. Think is harder closing what out This is, really question today Dawar the best pitcher starters he's get ready for the weekend there are. A. Couple of guys who did it but Dennis Eckersley did, it our guy Dave Righetti did. Ashore but, the best pitchers in baseball our starting pitchers Dave, Righetti did it, not necessarily a lot of times pitchers that moved to, the bullpen, Mike they just don't have that that repertoire or the sustainability, like some pictures for whatever reason I mean. You'll waste time getting to the. Physics of a we'll have time but sometimes, some pitchers are just predisposed to kind of you know once they get to, seventy pitches, or fifty pitches their stuff there's a discernible drop off in their stuff I think. That it's harder closing what out because if you make a mistake the game's over at least if you. Have a bumpy first inning, in theory you. Know you, guys could get it back, in overcome your crooked number in the? First inning Becua- bets Quebec he's equival with the alga was but it wasn't a good question I'll I'll save my quibbles for later the big three championship game nearly double last year's viewer. Share the season more than double, their average viewers each week. On f s one what. Are you actually buying now the big three success long-term I never disputed. Its viability I think I was, always pretty, smart in positioning and positioning it properly like, it's never, going. To be you know but just, over the charts over the moon Obscuring whatever, else happens in. The summer whether it's baseball or golf it's just. Never going to happen it's. A niche thing it's a, great thing it's if you want it I mean I, watched it more the first. Year to be fair than I did year too but you know I know Amy I love Amy I always I'm always rooting for her Ambi Trask of course we have rap. Indicate wraps awesome we have ice, ice cube and he's great. A lot of the players. Are funny and fun it's different kind of access I'm not surprised and. No I'm not going to challenge, dismiss their, long term viability they found the mice marketplace Last won the NCAA has officially cleared Michigan state. Of any wrongdoing in the. Larry Nassar case so does, this change your opinion on the future of Mike of, of Tom Izzo and dantonio This is a tough one to answer in the a lot of time Does it. Change it really doesn't to be honest with you it doesn't know it How do, I answer visit, I'm going to pick this backup tomorrow my short answer. Is no it does not but I wanna make sure I give this proper Justice I'll circle back to this, for at least a couple of minutes to give. You some some? Depth to it but no today directly does, not.

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