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Don't even mention anything about Hillary and the dirt. They had on her and the whole thing was doctored. They were obvious to me that there was enough to say, there was a preponderance of the evidence, which is what you need an impeachment, and that they had too many context. And when you I think, Deutsche Bank records, are gonna show and his income taxes at the Russians owning and have a president who's owned by the Russians who has lots of contact now explain that. It's a pretty serious charge. Yeah. Money, log. Who win where and what's your evidence of it? Donald juniors are algae, said that they got a lot of their business from Russia. So they get their money. Yeah. So we don't need money from Merican Russians by condos and Trump towers. That's a source of revenue for the Trump organization question, but what's your money, Russians by mansions, and in Palm Beach and sell them to Trump and Trump makes lots of money off rushing? It's been years and years and years, and they run their money through through cypress and Wilbur Ross. But it Cyprus I mean it's all there, and then the fact is all those cough, courses and Scotland, and it was cash that people say it's just on cash money, and that's what they admitted we don't need. We've got all this cash who does cash for all that kind of money, you're hiding money at Georgia Bank was known for for for laundering Russian money. Right. And we do have the recent information that there were people at the Bank in two thousand sixteen seventeen who thought there were suspicious. Transactions going on. But I still there could have been enough in the and even section one for impeachment. There there can't be there. From could have been from where you started. Bob, starting rush. Ingestion. I think the Russians owning. But you need Georgia Bank, and his taxes will believe show, it let me guess you a political question..

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