Hungary’s Ruling Party Breaks With Conservative E.U. Allies


Relationship with the european union is continuing to sour. The country's prime minister has drawn his party fitness from the eu's alliance of centre-right lawmakers the european people's party a change in the rules to allow the european parliament to expel members more easily and in addition to this hungry is forging ahead with its own coronavirus vaccination program using russia's sputnik v product yet to be given the green light by the e. Tell us more. I'm joined now by buyer. Who's a reporter at politico. Good morning lily. Morning thanks for having me a pleasure to tell us what has happened with fidesz viktor. Victorian suggestion is is that. they have jumped before they were pushed. That's right that's so or band. Sent a letter formally withdrawing his ruling fetus party from the european people's party which job as you said. Is this big the biggest group in the european parliament. It's it's a centre-right grouping but it's actually. I'm quite diverse internally. It has some members that lena bit more liberal at how members which are quite conservative and even though officials eat this move came after change to the groups Internal rules really. It's a culmination of years. And years of of debate and internal tension and ultimately i think some of the group's biggest members and in particular the german at christian democratic union That that's the party of chancellor. Angela merkel at perhaps have started feeling that does is more of a liability ford them and so or bond decided you to quit and look elsewhere and just explain to us how we have got to this point where fidesz is in such a dire situation with the european parliament and that it that oh viktor. Orban has decided to leave. I mean i'm writing thinking that That european parliament officials had already suspended fitness from The the center right group already and this is just a second step well. He's his aides a bit complicated. But basically has has party was suspended from the broader european people's party A few years back but they were allowed to stay in the european people's party group in the european parliament. And what happened this week. Is that the twelve members of the european parliament. Left this centre-right grouping within the parliament and are now sitting in parliament but simply as independent members without formal political affiliation and the big question now is what will come next so whoa joined one of the more conservative right-leaning groups one option is the european conservatives and reformists group where the polish a ruling lon justice party is a member Another option is the identity and democracy group where alternative for germany and marine le. Pen's a party are are our members. And then there's the third option of china to create something new which is tough but but possible So what what we saw. Yesterday is victoria on Wrote a small essay where he said that he wants to build What what he termed a In new democratic rights for citizens who don't want migrants don't fund multiculturalism and in his words have not descended into quotes. Lgbtq lunacy so he is putting out his his his platform he's making his views very very public and clear and saying that he's looking for some kind of New right-wing alliance. We just don't know exactly what form it will take

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