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Evening this is Dorie masses and and I wanna overcome your problems I have a different way I want to share with you I just want to say before I continue my program our sunbathing yesterday and I fell on my head as a big bump and so I couldn't do it last night Burch I'm all right now and if I have a little problem you'll excuse me we have a program set up just in case I have a little problem so what I'd like to do is to sure you from every known disease about ninety five percent of them based in a motion no I want to give you an example since I'm always getting new people to listen to our program so I want to show you something very very simple and I will continue with this very very simple in many different ways yes could enable you know that is obvious the those wanting and straining to find the purpose of life and the others are just looking for pleasure pleasure pleasure and feeling good about money and girlfriends and everything loving power we are divided between these two there's a a mark in the middle as separates us sorry I went to spend my life in seeking the secret of life the purpose of it our are we just want to know to let my listeners understand the arm of the Jewish heritage I love this Jesus our in he is different are no he created who is able to cure people just by touch and the look I wanted to find that it took a long time but I had a beginning and that's enabled me to go forward to find the purpose of my life now having said that what I want to do is the cure you but I cannot cure you as a human being I have to have let.

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