April Ryan, Kelly, Donald Trump discussed on Radio From Hell


I didn't realize big brother was hiring but this morning reporter april ryan tweeted sources say general kelly did the firing an all morose is alleged to have acted very vulgar and cursed alive and said she helped elect president trump and you've got to believe general kelly enjoyed that firing because everybody knows he has a messy bitch who loves drama apparently morose said didn't wanna hear it from general kelly because a little later on you tried to go see the president she'd tried to go into the white house residence bad idea i mean you could get shocked or worse seve trump in his bathrobe gerry jackson bill already genome are mirrored which he got there is radio from hell onyx 96 right oh let's see oh yeah i i guess we mentioned the road home yeah it's this is all come up fast i feel i really has our road home broadcast on the 20th in 21st at the road home yes it's still there yeah it's not close yeah uh costco yesterday and i bought a bigger bumble avaaz soft's and um oh in a in a big gift package of soap arsenal that's good now they could use that as well so uh anything like that were uh you know personal hygiene items i you know as a matter of fact i looked over and i saw a you know they have gigantic boxes of tampax you know what i'd seems like a silly things by ferrier defensive i i know i felt weird i thought sean i buy the men i didn't as i felt too i don't know that was donald me was all see now someone's got to step up and do it for you well go back okay i'll be back to cut cosco uh yeah hygiene items feminine hygiene products shampoo and conditioner deodorant lotion razors and shaving cream toothbrush toothpaste uh nix or other lice treatment a toilet paper anita they they.

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