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Need to make more product better product, we need to do then is all this ravenous buying in. Turns into this fashion. Munster closets are filled with shit that you don't want and everybody looks the same. No, one has any real style when they're all the same vast fashion shit. You know, so go like I was talking with my mother. Let it up and she's getting married. She was telling me about this book that she had read, and I will find the name of it if I screw it up. But I don't remember the author's name. But it was French women. Don't get fat. Oh, yeah. And it was sort of about French lifestyle in general, but she talks about clothing in style, and how Frenchwomen have style because they buy a few key pieces. That are terrific quality rate. Yeah. Look, then tastic and that are classic pieces. And then you excess rise with jewelry and greet shoes and scarves. So there have fifteen to twenty eight in your wardrobe and address or full of accessories versus I may have one hundred two hundred things in your closet only worth three quarters of that. You don't even really like that are just eating a hole in the earth. Yeah. Essentially. Yeah. So that was interesting perspective. Yeah. By less by quality by less by better and better, and it's not easy to do. Especially when you're on a work. We're trying we're trained not to and you know, if the mall is where you shop. That's not where you're gonna find it. Yeah. You know? And I mean, I Google just like how to shop ethically, and I found own many resource. Yeah. There's lots of and granted a lot of these stores are online. So there's the caveats of shopping online, which we're all aware of at this point. But there's price points. And you know, yet, you're not gonna get a shirt for twenty bucks. But you're gonna get a nice one for sixty. There was one up or send you might take a little bit more work one website that I get it. But you showed it to MIR. You sent me the Lincoln called the good trade. Yes. That was an awesome resource, and that is a great resource and some of those brands I had never heard tied. Never heard of. But there was tons of them. And I for every category men women kids athletic, sleep, whatever. Yeah. Everything. And if they're online they have an online store. Yeah. So you don't have to necessarily find them in a store if you wanna go and triceps on the the information is there for you to that research thing is it does require a little bit of work. Yeah. But but also know that this cool stuff is out there. It's not just weird hippie dippy a tie-dyed shit that's ethical I made this in my bathtub shit like no there's super sophisticated beautiful. Well, thought out well designed beautifully appointed things that you can buy online of able to you regard. If you are industrial if you are preppy, if you are, you know, earth, whatever and everything is in black. So not just friendly away. We're so, yeah, we're just we're so trained to go h Namur Zara forever twenty one or all these other bullshit and just give minimal thought to what it is. Do. I like it case. You're awesome, twenty bucks. Great with ATM video. They SNL song that you talked cintas. It's an old episode for maybe twenty thirteen or something John Goodman's the hose, and it's just them talking about this stupid Shitu by ditch nam and it's five ninety five. And like you give it point three seconds thought. D like, it take it and you make this stupid looking outfit with a scarf. It. Looks like a pomeranian. And and then you all looking the same because we're all the same store. Global davis. Yeah. But you can feel good because he only spent sixty dollars. Yeah. Price tak- gas, get whole outfit. Maybe not guess these days..

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