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Please recognize there is nobody who speaks for me And people have their own views and many of them I disagree with chuck Hanson's not sold On paper Hansen's exactly the kind of person who'd go to junky's way He's a right leaning resident of Richmond suburbs But he's voting for mcauliffe When I look at junk and the fact that he's aligned with Trump and that Trump took many many steps to overturn a fair election There's no contact Hansen worked as a spokesperson for Republicans on Capitol Hill He was a reliable GOP voter at least before Trump Now he says he can't trust junkin Is he gonna be like the Georgia and Texas and Arizona Republicans who are looking for ways to rig the system Republicans say they're simply reinstalling the public's faith in elections In the final stretch of the race Democrats are calling up heavy hitters like former president Barack Obama to Virginia Their pitch a vote for junk in is a vote for Trump For NPR news I'm Ben pavier and Richmond Details have emerged about how a prop gun shot by actor Alec Baldwin killed a crew member and injured another on a film set in New Mexico yesterday They were in production for the movie rust just outside Santa Fe The director of the film Joel Souza was wounded He's now been released from the hospital In the meantime cast and crew members are mourning the death of Helena Hutchins the film's director of photography NPR arts correspondent Mandela barco is following this and Mandela lead I want to start with some more of the reaction that we've been hearing today What do you know Well you know Alec Baldwin tweeted today saying that he's heartbroken for Jalen's husband and their child He offered them support and he said he's fully cooperating with the police investigation And of course that's the real question here How a prop gun killed somebody And if there was a live round in it that's still very unclear but the accidents like this are very rare and I can only think of two times Adi when people have been killed on set by prop guns including Bruce Lee's son Brandon Lee in 1993 usually on a film set or location there's someone specifically there to check guns and props being used They're called armorers and they're supposed to make sure they're the guns are handled correctly and they inspect them But what we're gathering here is that this was a low budget production and a lot of crew members felt unsafe and overworked on this set at bonanza creek ranch on Facebook a cameraman who was working on this film rusk said that the producers were treating the local crew members horribly He wrote the conditions were so bad that some of the crew had walked off the set the same day before the shooting the union iops the international alliance of theatrical stage employees sent out a statement today reinforcing to their members that if they feel unsafe on set they can report it And we should know that this is the same union that almost went on strike recently That's right And a huge part of what they were fighting for was better working conditions allowing crew members to have more breaks and more sleep Before they reached a deal with the studios and producers they were ready to go on strike strike against Hollywood just a few days ago on Instagram halena Hutchins posted a photo of the Russ crew together on set and she said she was standing in solidarity with iati And it's still not clear exactly what was going on on the set but something went horribly wrong here In the meantime can you give us a little more background on halena Hutchins the director of photography Well halena Hutchins was 42 She was born in the Ukraine She started out as a journalist before turning to feature films She worked on the superhero action film archenemy in a film called the mad Hatter in 2019 the American society of cinematographers named her a rising star And earlier this week she posted an online video of herself writing horses on her day off from rest she said in the caption that was one of the perks of working on a western There's been a real outpouring of grief for hiling a Hutchins And like her director bandar Alba Louie study that the American Film Institute I spoke with him today There's absolutely no reason why real weapons need to be on set You mean to tell me we can't see GI a bullet going out of a gun It's a heartbreaking and it's shocking and there needs to be some real change in Hollywood He started an online petition in her name to ban real guns on movie sets That's NPR arts correspondent mandel barko Thank you for your reporting on this Thank you You're listening to all things.

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