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GONNA go up to five million bucks. Are Yes check. I was working at KIRKS PAINTER DOT COM A. K. I R. K. S. PAINTER DOT COM no job too big or small. Christie won't stop until you're satisfied with the work. We love it here. We hire them to pay dispute over surprised to find out. He's a handyman Andy Man Tuesday using the fix a few extra things studios well go ahead Steve. What's he done. Is Fix some of the window. Sills is a little bit of water damage around there so we've been good job yeah. We're GONNA have elect- electrical equipment in there so I don't want anything to short out buddy all around handyman excellent great kirks patron dot COM kirks painter dot com foment Kirk kirks painter on twitter or email him at CC painting pros at g Gee Mail. Dot Com thanks to him as well great job. I think we're not interesting show tomorrow here. Yes you aware better yeah ready to go Yes yes. I'm fascinated by some loaded for bears. They say sure good where we'd be in this studio tomorrow. Steve or no yes. You're you're prompted. We L. got up any else. Are we good. I aboard to reveal podcast. I don't know I think the timing is working out for us to conclude here. Okay well. Let me warmer gender reveal you've fifth. You've done this for me of what might be have. You are listening to this. We should you try. I don't feel like every day person or every trans person is actually trying to actively clear things so clear things queers. The verbier was was that mean I think you'll have to let her know that means micro no. I'm can. I guess her that individual make things. I don't think that you should make <hes> inappropriate assumptions if he explains it then she'll my she's not trying to make everything about that issue or no. I do not mix everything up. Oh okay identifying. I think it's more about a culture like a queer culture. You've already heard it Steve. So why are you weighing in. I don't feel no conviction every job. I can give you my thoughts when I'm watching as I have a few ideas kirk. I think this caller here is talking about the Patriots. It might be a disabled man in his bedroom. This is roommates or wonder what he's dealing about. Yeah go ahead. I don't feel like every person or every trans person is actually trying to actively clear things so I think it's a really valid question and and I don't think we should be `gate-keeping who calls himself queer and who doesn't call himself clear but I also think that it's okay to not consider something to bakeware if it's not like actively challenging I'm sure they're unsure support by definitely he just got really appreciate those feelings and I think maybe part of the reason why we weren't on the same page between how I initially read this question and how you very eloquently brought it up. Is the difference imagine living life. I'm fight over. They want to live their life person. I just can't living life never fighting. It's I really appreciate that. It's otherwise purchase CPS. I don't know it seems so boring. <hes> I get mad after a while. It's going to work. You know you have to be appreciate that. I know I appreciate the more it's kind of a bad mood with you. Okay Yeah you're right. I appreciate that you're being honest with me. Thank you okay yeah. I guess the same thing is that left wing academic that wrote the Brady thing that he's whoa white supremacists where they invent their own language so when you read it. You can't even understand what they're very muddled. It just creates this. I don't know like an in group or something where you have to learn the code. Words just seems like a lot to work a hell of a lot of work well all right. They should today five star review. Thanks to all the sponsors all that stuff. I'd be listening tomorrow tomorrow. Are you and by the way one of these fans step up. I wanted complete first of all keep fucking with the people you've been fucking with a b <hes> while a parody counts one the fullest that's going to be tough. Rich Mandarin came up with the list of the universe last time so that's true which is expanded since leader in the clubhouse. Yes all right. We'll <hes> talk you the more. This was pretty reprehensible. I I don't know how it can be anybody's idea of humor.

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