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You look for the box with the arrow. Yeah. Exactly. And we could debate whether the Google icon is is better or more understandable, you could do user testing all that's fine. But the point is that if you're on IOS, there's a thing you look for and if you're an Android likewise. Because when I wrote this I heard from people, and it's like, oh, well, you know, apple does this wrong on apple music for Android is that is at any better. And my answer is no it's not better be a good citizen on the platform you live on. And it's not just because I think one platform is better than the other. It's because a platform speaks a language and people learn it, whether they know they're learning it or not, and then you wanted to be consistent. And that's what good platform designed I know and all the app, developers who listen to this are are nodding, probably because it's a thing that they have to learn to which is even if you have a great idea for a better way to do it. If it's completely contrary to the way everybody else does it. It's gonna be a tough sell because nobody is going to expect this behavior. Even if it is better. Nobody expects it. So you better you better be a lot better. And even then you're taking a huge risk. And you know, it's not something like pull to refresh which was a kind of a painting in an area that was previously. Unpainted? It's like if you're trying to go everybody does it this way. And you're going to do it this different way. Because you think it's better even if it might be slightly better. It's the wrong decision because nobody knows how to do that. Everybody knows the other way. Pulled over going to file pulled over fresh away. Because that is a really good point. I've got about six threads here on my head. And I can't keep six Fed's going. We were talking about. I it's, but I want one thing I want to finish up before we go on is. I wanna finish up on my point of why I think I've missed filed the saga of word six MAC in my head is that when it happened at the time again, I wasn't a word user personally. So it didn't you know? There was a certain smugness to this isn't my poor suckers who use Microsoft Word had right? There's doesn't I I was I had to use it in my college newspaper used it in mind, obviously, all the manuscript at the magazine were written word, my college newspaper was a Clarence House. So we wanted everything in macrey format or and or Clarice works worked equally while Almac, right Clarice. And you know, eventually there was one columnist who is submitting files and BB at it textiles, but it didn't matter because he was also doing the layout of the shirt paper. But for years, though, I filed it away as a tragedy of this was terrible. You know, there was an app that was a fine MAC up. And I was already at that point, you know, cared about good maps. Right. And I thought this is a tragedy because here was a fine map from Microsoft, and now Microsoft, obviously sees this. You know? You know, saw this is fine to ship for the MAC. And mostly out of danger. Because at the time by that time Microsoft's growing power in the industry was obvious and it was worrisome because man, if this starts a trend, this is bad news, right? Like, I don't wanna see this happening to apps. I do use like Photoshop, right? I don't want some new version of Photoshop to come out and be the word six photo shops. So for decades, I've had this filed under as bad incident. Whereas what I realized now is it was one of the finest moments in the MAC history because it didn't work, and it made the reaction was so strong from users that just and what is a more typical word Microsoft Word is not an esoteric app. Right. It was literally one of the most popular apps on the platform. I guess by headcount me, maybe MAC right had more because I guess they used to ship Mak right for free by the point win fought word five was out. I would I would probably argue that it was the most commonly used internet cap in a professional sense. It almost certainly was maybe in schools macaroni was still more popular..

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