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You know who shot him out? We pull into one. David. My brother. Talk about this out. And how he put his day. Off. David Bandages Caveman rather how you doing brother I love. You Man. How are you? I'm better than I actually have been my whole entire life man One of the things that I want to save for even started man. I know you don't like this kind of stuff on, but like. You know Playing, get like me broken base. You know it broke. A. You believed in me. You know and stuff got rough. and. Obey Oh you and outreach. Even we had a tool your neck. Somebody had put you big phone lock. Are Hard To. They'll give it all. Don't give it. We gotta get to that point to the to the time you came to the bad. He didn't I want. Everybody noted journey because I see a lot of shows and I watch a lot of things I don't see a lot of my favorite people. Celebrate it, and sometimes they get on, but they don't celebrate the things that made them great, and if it wasn't for like a pimp, they wouldn't know you've done great things now. This was the kickoff and I wanted you to celebrate it best. And I wanted people to hear your story about this album. Okay, so it when it came out, may twenty, two thousand. Three. Put to get this album out. What was the vision? And what did you have to do to get this done? Well? There's a station in Jackson Mississippi. That's called WGM. In the program director's name Stand Branson. and. I got up to like sixteen. Spans Week. He say you know I'm just don't tell you what he said. Basically. David, we can. Back Up White folks happy. And I can't. I can't make record. That's not a major record. Good over sixteen span like 'cause I needed night. Twentyfold spins really start really started getting any type attraction. So? He told me he said. You have to surround me every marquis in order for me to be able to have a paper trail that makes sense. For me to play this record, right? Let me take it back I. Let's go back i. e first of all. Maybe. I shouldn't say this, but I gotta give it to you. I really liked it like a pair of. was what happened. Was I was doing beats for little flip back? I've been doing you know. Since split was was on a major label, I was doing beats. Cliff. So the reason why if you go back and look at my first album which you can buy on data data dot COM Everybody's wondering how this homeless dude FBI dusty stuff all the time I have all these speeches, and this is what I tell these kids all the time. It's a bartering system. the house able to get little flip on. My album was I gave him to beats for free. and was like broke. You got the original comes. Man Until we celebrate. The. Eldest son. What what happened was I ended up bartering with little slip. and. I came I was going back and forth. Bro Did was I'll tell you? I went up and down at twenty from Dallas. And Houston all the way to Florida. Stopping every radio station is one of the ways that I got a lot of play. By the time I got signed to Universal I eight hundred spins all over the United States. They had never seen that like what me bonecrusher was doing with never scared. That was unheard of independent records and I I tell you that story too, but. My. I'm not Spitfire. I jump out. Get into fights and Crou- like my my show and you can see my show 'cause I got Exile from the Bay for long. Myself Fair you just so you know. I was banned for I was banned from performing in the bay area Rina's in arenas. Yeah, in arenas. Anyway, so my my my shows was sold. How will they one time? Rule was supposed to perform. He didn't show up, but the program directors knew. That if I came on before Gyro was forced to come on at. Somebody will get into a fight. And Act like Jaru was there, but because they got the fight, he didn't come out. So they would always play my records. 'CAUSE I always show up for shows. I never forget even when I became a major artist universal. I don't know why they did this universal car apple. One time I said why. Why does they abandon? Have more visible you remember. I came up there, they said why did they have more visibility than any other artists on universal? And he's not the biggest artist and they say little because he shows up. I went up to I went up to apple grassless for everybody sat down and talked to each and everybody and you know I'm still that way Bro. People ads how I did it. Bro! There was no excuses. Michael Jordan says something on his new documentary. He said people say that I mean Dana One she. You know people set out like. I don't know if you all heard to store I built a van I mean I feel a studio in my vein. CJ's wanted brakes. Dj wanted I mean rappers wanted verses so I went and got A. Converter out of Walmarts and I built a studio since my homeboys, he wanted to come and help the passenger side of. The passenger side of Van was literally a studio. You listen to this. If you listen to the end lose, you can hear the wind. While driving, I had built a three I had created a three state distribution Plant out of my trump were anywhere within three state radio I will say ordered enough CDs. Our deliver them myself and then going radio and what I did was. in the morning in the morning I, would do record.

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