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The guy from Whatever fucking that that crazy guy from that show where they hurt themselves. I used to see him. Going into seven stevo. I used to see stevo going into that liquor store on the corner sound across the street. Some eleven rousey bay lived on gardner yup without jody furred ig those a minute whereas selene hinojosa was their state of my. Yeah yeah we had installed recreated that that same building where i lived on curse on hannigan was living there. Erickson and carrie. Mitchell were living there. I guess they both still have apartment stairs. But yeah it was a whole audi compound after a while once. The comedy store huge. And i'd fucking love. There was nothing more exciting for me when the comedy store dig. A huge was to go back because it was. It was like going to the after party at montreal. There's that that many comedians of that top level all hanging out in that back bar with carrie. Mitchell and i would never do a set. They're just go in and and treated like a high school reunion our member. I'm tired. I just remember being there once when it was like at its new york. Hi and rogan coming out go. Do you have to move back here. It's a new renaissance comedy. You have the you have to move back. Move back now. You're missing all this. I'm happy visiting all this. It was too much man. It really had become too much. It wasn't even comedy anymore. I was like this pumpkin. Grandiose oh type deal. I don't know what it was. I miss it. i was there. I'm happy i was there for twenty years. Thank you for calling scott. Grow me and give me a reference but it was time to go i. It's almost nicer day. Kind ended because of covert rather than just meandering out other seen. Now you can blame something now. You can blame a disease on it rather than just got two full of itself eventually no one game of fuck. Yeah it was. Just an. And i think i think comedy had just changed. How manages was sending comics out. And the way they were booking New has just agreed. Fast man it was just too much. And i got caught in the cycle of it and i didn't like it. I was like what the fuck is going on with me. This is what i wanted to do all my life. But i'm not happy doing it. The whole scene was overwhelming. All it was too much anymore when yeah when you get to. A certain age. Eighty eight his eyes on the road. I don't. I don't hang out after shows on the road through last several years. I mean i'll go back to the hotel bar and drink my tour manager and you know my the other comics that are on the bill. But i wouldn't go to bars anymore. It's just that the swell of people. I don't have the attention span and i always feel a fans they're like. Yeah i wanna say hi all my fans and but the this say eight people having a conversation over each other at emerged booth and it's fucking exhausting boston. That always feel like in given enough like i need. You need more than a show. You need them. Takes your okay. I get it. I've never been picture. God and i hate. I don't know what to do with my face in a picture. But i'll do and then by the time that that can last longer than set or you just taking pictures by the time that's over. I don't wanna fuck and talk to anyone so yeah going to the comedy store where do wanna say hi to all these people. I felt like the cliche of. Oh he's looking over his shoulder to see who else is more important. No i just have this many people. I haven't seen in ten years. And i wanna say hi to them in a night so yeah that would get a little overbearing yet to get a little guy little weird on the road. I'm really happy about poland in the sense that you don't have to take pictures. No more fucking comedy show. That's it it's just a comedy show. You know the pictures was getting out of control. You know women touching you guys grabbing you. It's like you know. I don't need this shit. I enjoyed the completion of the circle. You know doug they watch his special they listened to your podcast then they come see you live. We shake hands and that's a completion circle. That's how social media works. And i enjoyed it. But you're right. There's some people who if you gave an they want a mile. It wasn't enough. You know you take you. Take a picture with them. They come back as you leave. And i didn't like the picture. Can we do it again. Can you call my tiny. I don't know how to use a run. Hey he'd tried come on his fucking get miata. Here's because when you come on stage you're in the fucking you're still in the heat of battle head and then you have to go immediately into politician mode and smile and shake hands and thank you for supporting me and your hand is still in you. Good night now. Well my thing towards the end was just give them such a great show that they don't wanna meet you like tick like just give them the basha fucking The best show you could give and the day like i was doing theaters at the end and the theaters are telling me. You can't go outside because we won't start the show on time we'll net. We can shot of here on time and it started bothering me for a while while also started realizing that my second show was a lot better when i would do meet and greets after the first show i would eat a bag dicks the second show. 'cause you just talking for fucking iowa you're answering questions people want to ask you about what you sell rogan's episode. Oh yeah yeah. I don't remember what i ate for lunch yesterday. And sadly and you repeat something from a year ago. I have no idea what you're talking about so that did get. That's the good thing about kobe that we don't take anymore. I mean all that shit has gone. You know hello nice to meet you and move the fuck on but the pictures was getting too much. It's like. I don't go to dinner before comedy. There's a reason like when you go to somebody always calls you and says can i buy you dinner. Of course what can we do lunch. Now do seven o'clock and then they bring three people and then it becomes a game of fucking jeopardy with the questions and by the time you go to actually do your forty-five minutes spot. You're burnt out from talking to dinner. Always trying to find something in the moment in the news in the day in the world..

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