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You are. The mental aspect of that starts to figure in like even climbing a ladder to put this in perspective to when I was a younger man. I was on a job site and sometimes drywall guys were where like four foot tall stilts they can walk around and do ceilings. I had zero. Oh hesitation putting those things on it within about five minutes. I'm trying to jump hedges while I'm wearing them. You know like a steep like a steeplechase not only only would that never happen now. Now when I climb ladders like we just Christmas just ended and if I get up on the roof because I'm going to put lights lights along the edge of the house now I think about falling off which I never worried about that before fi fell off I was like I land and I'd get up no big deal. Oh yeah you broke some dirt on it and yeah now I go. That would add me. I'd be done so well. No I'M NOT GONNA I'm not can you give you my my trick yes yet. So so what's IT GONNA be. What's your answer? I mean it sounds like from the mic down or the makeup. Yeah you WANNA age from the neck So you can keep your your body and in top performing order. Yeah I think so. Yeah I'M GONNA go with that in. Just tie this back to what we were talking about before I think now I don't feel very young right now but I feel like professionally. I'm still in the younger part of my career. And so I think it's about also creating positive habits or maybe shaping the way that we work so that I can enjoy the rest of my career because quite frankly I don't Wanna be kind of a half senile guy who still angry that guy down around the corner just won won an award and I did it and all that stuff like you know I just don't care about that side of it and I want to make sure as I happen for a long time now just enjoying every day process of designing and being a part of building things so yeah if if my head starts to go hair starts to fall out and maybe I lose like half marvels. At least I'll be kind of like laughing with less staff. We'll be having a good time but I'll still be able to throw a ball around with my son. Okay all right so yeah. That's Andrew you want to go next. I have some questions I'm GonNa make up the answers at what age to sis actually begin you get to choose you can choose. Oh okay because I was like at birth and I'm a baby for the rest of the old man head. I'm a grown adult with a baby. Hey No you can lock down okay. It's at some point in my life. For example like Omar saying he's not lunging three feet at age forty for that ball so yeah we would extend the courtesy to he could lock in a thirty year old body so he can still make that lunch all right so that was my biggest concern learn. I was waiting for you to come back with some weird response to that. Okay so if it's if it's dealer's choice on that then that changes my answer. Some and at my current age age with where I'm at and the way I feel about myself from the neck up versus the down I'm I'm GonNa GonNa go with Echo Omar's response and say from the neck down. You're both wrong but that's okay go ahead. You were going to say well. The reason is it for me is like I'm still pretty mentally agile. I think seemingly halfway through my life and I'm still pretty good mentally. I have all my hair. I don't know I'm not old wrinkly colle- yet so I feel like I've still got a few miles out of that part of my body few more years before you start to look really old and so from the neck down I could. I would prefer to be how was is when I was about thirty Physical shape okay. All right. And so that SORTA where I'm at with it okay. I went back and forth. I was thinking about maybe from the neck up but I I don't know it just depends okay so here you go. Here's the right answer. Yeah Yeah Okay it should be from the neck up your both young men and I can tell you right now. Now that when your brain starts to go that's way worse than not being able to lunge for that ball to the right so I would degree. This is very self serving on my part but me as a prize was never based on my physical appearance so it always had to do with my sense of humor. You're my personality for better. For worse it had to do with who I was and who I was as defined by what my brain was capable of doing so to me. That's my the greatest asset. I've never made that lunch. Three feet to my right I would. I don't think I'd miss it. I do think that what's interesting about pisses. We all kind of looked at this as an an internal performance question for you guys that had to do with the performance of your body not the appearance of your body Andrew kind of touched on the appearance a little bit but not enough for me to say that that was a motivating factor. No no it was more about the performance of it. Yeah so there's gotta be something that's a little interesting by the fact that the younger people on this call chose performance of their body and the old man on this call took performance of his brain. There's there's gotta be some wisdom in. This is what I'm thinking. You think it's your wisdom. Well Yeah I'm older. I've been there when I was forty. I thought I was untouchable. I it was fireproof on from Seattle. Now again I feel like I'm I'm still pretty good up. Top like brain is still working pretty good firing on all Pistons and I don't know I guess maybe the next five years when I get to be your age it will change but right now I think right now. I'm thinking no I'm not saying that I'm already suffering. I'm just saying I don't WanNA start suffering Efren. Well Yeah I don't either but I guess I know my genetic history some too so I feel like I got a long way before that starts to happen. I guess that's a fair point. So Omar. How's is your family? They okay in the brain. Eric will the definitely okay with here. So the OAK. I'll be okay with the hair but yeah I think we're one of the things that this could have gone is if we say that you don't age. This could have been a loophole that we're looking for that kind of suggests jess that your body is timeless. Like you choose a year so you're thirty years old in your body is locked into whatever it is and that moment which suggests that you can eat all the the beer and sausages you want and it's not gonNA impact your body because that's right if I'm stuck there right. Yeah your body's locked into that thirties and I go now that now. That might be something to get me to change my answer. I'm assuming my my body. Mass index is going to stay the same like. We're locking that in. Yeah but we didn't bring that up so I'm almost thinking that was not a consideration for you to sort of played into it but not majorly that falls into the category. Like I can't have a hot tub because because the only reason why anybody should ever be a hot tub is because they're drinking and And I'm pretty sure that if I had tub become an alcoholic. Yeah Yeah So. Just don't even put yourself in that position so by me not locking my body when I was thirty and choosing to save save my marbles. I think that's the route. I would go so my question on that though because when I was thinking about it I was thinking. Well if it's from nick down down while I'll have clothes on and nobody will know that I've got a thirty year old body till I choose to show that to them because I look seventy from the neck up horror show. Sounds so terrible. No but like on the flip of that you're going to have like an eighty year old old man body but your face is still gonNA look like it was when it was thirty. I don't know which one is worse scarier while America. I don't think my wife cares either way. I know that your wife but I mean like you meet people like I'm I'm eighty five years old and they're like you look like you're thirty and you're like uh-huh because I am thirty from the MIC up. Yes he that would be great. And you know they're hiding all my my my old man body. Maybe I'll think you guys are going to be losing most of your followers after this last part of yeah you'd be surprised. Okay so we're GONNA Follow Marsh Q.. And call that a wrap and stop and stop so thank you for being with us today for episode forty one talking shop with Omar Gandhi. Thanks for listening. Check out the life of an architect dot com website for show notes. Be Sure to wait until the very end to see. If there's some Lupu gold and have a great day take it easy everybody and thanks so Mar uh-huh yeah I guess I should say thank mark. Yeah thanks for calling in and joining it. Oh Mark I do appreciate you taking the time. Come on here means a lot. Thank you Omar. I know you like beer. I like beer ballot. I like beer. Andrew really likes the beer's as he likes to say Fine New People that have conversations with his all. Your friends are losing their marbles. I think I could make that work. I'm sure that you do that. Phrase makes sense to a Canadian having your finger finger goes to the is it a donut. Is that it in a jelly donut. Jelly Jelly it's just a jelly. The Judge Jelly Donut Jelly. That's always heartbreaking. It happens to the best of us..

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