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As the food here, the food that the feeders, our food, varies from other countries in the region that we live in Asia. So as food here that they provided as very spicy and many spices, different ones and that's our digest system that has infused to those spices. Even though there are Afghan hotels, but still, you know, we asked the hotel that you helped us with us and provide us some Afghan food. But wooden lesson to us. The foods, the provided to us usually has fungus on it to rot and I found that and salad. So I think we have been given some leftovers from other days. So that's an issue for women. Of course, and I'm sure to be honest, you know, the hotel would not want that food to be given to you. I mean, we haven't heard from the hotel regarding the food. Both of you stay with us because I want you to carry on talking to us and sharing your experiences. I just want to bring Sue in as well to get a sense Sue of this story that we're hearing from Zara and Ahmed their experiences since arriving in the UK. Is this typical for many families who have escaped from Afghanistan? Unfortunately it is. I mean, we took in about 15,000 people in very, very short space of time. And the rally in court went out to hotels and beds with were made to house people. It was never really seen as a permanent move. And obviously many people coming here. So happy to be safe. So initially, the relief and the feeling of safety is all encompassing. But the reality is is the weak struck by the people who are going to be in these hotels. And it's likely they're going to be in them for many months. And the hotels I've been visiting. Some of the atmospheres are quite impressive. So that the Manchester Yorkshire hotels.

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