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Minister just send arden. Spoke sunday today. I stained on behalf of the new zealand government to offer a formal an unreserved apology to pacific communities for the discriminatory implementation of the immigration laws of the one thousand nine hundred seventies that lead to the events of the dohrn rates in burma. The head of the military junta has named himself prime minister six months after the military sees power in a coup army. Chief men on king has announced the state of emergency imposed after the military coup will extend for two more years. He also vowed to hold elections and twenty twenty three. Since the coup more than nine hundred people have been killed and thousands arrested the washington post reports police in the united states. Shot dead more than one thousand people in twenty twenty the highest number since the post began an effort to track police shootings in two thousand fifteen about one in five. Fatal shootings occurred after police were called to investigate reports of domestic violence or another type of domestic disturbance over the past six years washington. Post his documentary more than sixty four hundred. Fatal police shootings an average of almost three per day in connecticut and ecuador and father of three who lived in a basement of a new haven church for two years to avoid. Deportation has been granted one year. Stay of removal nelson. Pinos has been living in the us for nearly three decades. The forty seven year old was given a deportation order in two thousand seventeen prompting him to seek sanctuary at the church in tokyo. The olympic committee says it's investigating whether an ex gesture made by us shot-put silver medallist raven. Saunders violated its ban on political statements. Saunders who is african. American identifies as queer told reporters. Her gesture from the medal. Podium represented the quote intersection of where all people who are oppressed meet unquote and other olympic news. Us gymnastic superstar. Simone biles says she will compete in the balance beam competition on tuesday about a week after she withdrew from her team finals for mental health reasons. Meanwhile the belarussian athlete christina similar sky has entered poland's embassy in tokyo requesting political asylum. The twenty four year old athletes says. She refused her coaches demand that she board a flight sunday to return to belarus out of fears for her safety actress. She criticized the russian olympic officials and elka schumann. The co founder of bread and puppet theater company has died who was born in the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred thirty five and brought to the united states in one thousand nine hundred forty one. She and her husband. Peter schumann began the bread and puppet theater company in one thousand nine hundred sixty three their first productions range from puppet shows for children to pieces protesting poor housing conditions. The group later moved to vermont. It's processions involving monstrous puppet. Some that twenty feet high became a fixture of protests against the vietnam war. The bread and puppet theater also milled its own flour and baked. Its own breads sharing it. With audience members this elka schumann appearing in the two thousand one film The hopeful pageantry of bread and puppet produced by her daughter tamar and didi halack. We have a grinder grind the grain ourselves and the bread is not at all like your supermarket bed. You really have to chew it. You really have to put some work into it but then you get something very good for that and when our theaters successful we feel the same way. You've got to think about. It doesn't like tell you everything it's on like wonder bread it just like there it is. Here's the story. This is what it means. You've got to do so figuring yourself in the theater in our theater and the plays successful then. At the end you probably was worth the work. Elka schumann died at the age of eighty five on sunday. Surrounded by her five children and her partner peter schumann and those are some of the headlines. This is democracy now democracy now dot org the warren piece report. I made me goodman. The highly infectious corona virus delta variant is causing huge spikes and cases across the united states and around the world with china's struggling to control surging infections and the philippines preparing for a new stricter locked down. The united states is now averaging some eighty thousand new cova cases a day about six times as many daily cases than a month ago as much of the world struggles to cope with the pandemic and its impacts. We begin today's show with the author of a new book that examines the social and environmental roots of poor health. Your body is part of a society inflamed right the authors. In a minute we'll speak with the co-authors of inflamed deep medicine in the anatomy of injustice bestselling author raj patel and physician and activist rupa maria. But i this is an animated introduction to their book by air aaron. Koerbel you wake up one morning with the dry hacking cough. And you've lost your sense of smell. You visit your doctor for a diagnosis with an x ray and nasal swab. She diagnosis code. The corona virus infected your body and your lungs and nerves are now inflamed. The inflammation sends you to hospital. And when you were in the icu you look around. A disproportionate number of people of color in the united states ostracization and death rates people of color far higher than for white people. You make another kind of diagnosis yourself. This you observe is the outcome of structural racism. But how did those structures come to being to understand that we must go back six hundred years to a time when a different pestilence spread across the globe one that continues today which still makes us sick and it makes us sick in a pattern way through inflammatory disease which underlies all the leading causes of death in industrialized places. European colonization transform the planet true slavery genocide disease colonists brought with them a cosmology that changed how people relate to each other and to the living world around those who resisted was set out to the flame. This history lives inside you whether you know it or not since you were conceived your body has been exposed to the consequences of a world on fire. The covert hospital ward and specific patients. Who are in its beds. Look that way because of centuries of attempts to extinguish other kinds of knowledge of lies asians if we understand disease with this new diagnosis. The treatment options become radically. Different medicine prescribed to address. The inflammation of people implant has been prescribed by others before us. Rudolf virchow sitting bull of france. Funnel huda are we and be our embed car and harriet tubman understood our morton hills constantly be vaccinated away. We need a world rebuilt with care at its heart. Many indigenous communities have resisted colonialism by continuing to care living world around them that kaffa life protect them inside and out indigenous communities to the greatest range of biodiversity on the planet and as a result hosts the most diverse micro biota inside their bodies. These microbes confer protection against inflammatory disease. Long when culture isn't capitalist and isn't colonized. it can sued the inflammatory diseases that afflict us and fuel the burning of our planet. Steve medicine offers new and old stories. That connect humans to the teaming microbes in our guts and to the teaming stars in the skies we offer a glimpse.

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