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For a long time trying to come up still different ideas from other comics that i respect silly ideas from their still ideas from how they promoted commercialize or whatever and implement that myself. So you're hopefully not seeing the exact same thing every single time nice and i think it is well and there's always that question especially when i'm trying to promote things like m. i. Overstepping here and i think there is a line but i think sometimes it's difficult to tell because maybe i might be different from somebody else but i assume a certain amount of content and then there's just so much out there that going a little bit over i feel like it's better than going a little bit under in some cases because it's easy to get lost a lot of it to seeing so much out there the other thing i like to do is sometimes. I'll throw the different things out of different parts of the day just with the likes. We'll get so a lot of people will throw things up their feelings get hurt if they don't get a ton of likes on well for me. That's just me okay. Now i know that this time of day doesn't work for me or i know that this type of promotion doesn't work for me at this time of day so a lot of times is just testing things out for future shows that are coming down the road sometimes as well man. That's super smart. That's really cool. And that's another example of where you can feel like a lot of people if they don't get a lot of likes they just like. Oh no it didn't work for me but you take it a step further and you're like well that's just not the right time of day and i think the testing is a really good thing to be able to do and learn from as you're promoting as you're posting things that you want in front of people that you can learn a lot from with social media so i think that's great..

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