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New england as we went to the to the last show the tour at the hollywood bowl i was probably the fourth time i've seen him and it was easily the best show i've seen him ever put on there you go so at the tweeter center out in massachusetts psalm at madison square garden saw matt outside lance in san francisco so i'm at the bowl so mixed feelings about being at the last show ever there you go ganic fucking love tom petty anyway so sitting on the couch or mike need to watch them wrestling i've spent so much time on wicked pedia trying to figure out which all i want to see is tremp beretta in his heavyweight debut all i want to see kenny omega russell juice robinson the title and i'll be good so i set that up and i think okay four i watched that when i go on the network see if there's any stuff that i've been missing out i got an alert on me mouse there's a new collection celebrating bruno sammertino his birthday in baby i am in so i do that and it's not a traditional collection as they usually appear on the network meaning it's not just matches or clips it's the full shows feels a little thrown together like it's just a full episode of primetime wrestling and then somewhere in there is a bruno match like a full episode a tuesday night titans and some were in there is an interview bruno so i'm like okay that is going to eat up a little more time than i have.

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