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America's news headquarters with shed breen and excuse me she's talking with the congressman filmon avila a democrat out a texas and the guy saying look i think house minority leader nancy pelosi just will not help candidates and swing districts come two thousand an eighteen we've seen it over and over and over again so shared a broom asks a congressman villa about when he hit originally said that only an idiot would think having pelosi in charge would help them win the two thousand eight he answers honestly says no actually i i answered is obviously ah as i could because every poll that i've seen according to him indicates that very reality now i have to that you're nancy pelosi being subjected to some questions about her viability as a leader as is perceived by her a democrat but rank and file and she says look you know um i i i'm i'm happy and i'm happy to listen to all of positive and negative things as long as they're constructive but that she goes right into blaming the republicans for her old woes she says republicans don't want to face democrats on issues so they resort to smear tactics she says they tell oh ally the press reports the lie and that republicans point to the press as having validated that lie it it generally sounds as if folks that she's really ticked off of that republicans have apparently taken one of the chapters out of her playbook in the form of wrap up spear idea that you disseminate a spirit to the press let it get distributed and then merchandise at marketed after after the fact that oh look with the press is reporting on which just giving more attention to that which older the press has told us about if of course the party in question has ensured that the press finds out exactly that which way the party subsequently elaborate well it strikes me that the democrats are perhaps more capable to this regard because eighty nine percent of the press has its collective face stock in the collective crotch of the democratic.

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