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When he wants to be on the so I'm most any subjects so I'm thinking that is amazing our meetings we spend time with people who are very accomplished very senior people and and cars a lot of things very quickly and you know he's always so helpful as my mom whether it's texting her stuff for sudden stops so trying to get her to learn how to use your AOL account since two thousand and two so I guess that's fourteen years five times or once a week to try to explain their how to open her inbox like everything that brings progress the greatest struggle is always with ourselves if you're looking to take control of habits and choices here are a few things you can do to master self discipline Alex really with the business rockstars minute number one remove the temptation like this thing goes it may seem silly but offers powerful advice basically removing your temptations from your environment you'll greatly improve yourself number two you know your weaknesses shortcomings whatever they may be it's okay you can't overcome until you do number three set clear goals and plans a clear plan outlines each step you must take in order to reach your goals figure out who you are and what you're about create a mantra to keep yourself focused people use this technique to stay on track and we're finished mine I'm Alex Worley and this is a business rockstars minute this.

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