Putin, Ron Perlman, Orwell discussed on Stephanie Miller's Happy Hour Podcast


Oh yes. But the insect Kafka. Yeah, I feel like I feel like this Kafka on acid. You know, this is this is like, yes, you and you know, a couple of my latest weeds were, if Orwell went to a polish. And pitched or wrote five chapters of the Donald Trump regime. He would never have gotten a publishing because nobody would believe that was there was possible number one, and it's so ludicrous that it's not Senator -taining right what it is it's draining and it's outrageous and it's an assault in an offense. And there's no were obscenity that I could use that even compares to what he's done to those families, the southern border, what he's done to the rule of law, what he's done to the emoluments clause, what he's done to. The great, great, great. Patriots have our country who are working for peanuts to keep us safe like the NSA FBI. True patriots who are not looking to do book deals and and tour deals and rip off the country. In all the ways Trump empire is these guys just care about keeping America beautiful, and he chose them to be his enemies. He chooses them be his scapegoats. He chooses them. I mean, that is Hitler ship that is Stalin ship. That is the worst stuff we've seen in the history of man gyms. Of an assault on very, very things that define us. It clips his enemies list to fascism. It really does silencing your critics media, the enemy of the people who lies only one. He's awake. Use the term the term fake news about anything is and to have people who were actually buying into that Ron. I'm sorry, lessee. What's that America's fallen down the well. Sorry. I know I know America's almost you saw bud and driving down the street again. No, we know that's not safe zone. Only hope. Ron Houston's sporting. Fred. Every interview you've ever done, but I just thought shades on Joe Biden, I hang on Leslie, I'm coming. Nationals to kill the day with Ron Perlman come on, but you said I've always felt there aspects of me that were Munster's. I mean, he know you've played every as you've said everything. And that's the thing with where do you find the humanity or the anything in him? Right. Just 'cause we all go. We all have horrible parts of ourselves that we, you know, wish we're better, but. You even said about yourself? I'm being a director. I don't like working with me. I would punch myself in the mouth if I had to take my direction. I said that. I'd like to be the guy that said that, but also I'd be dead without my sense of humor. If you can't laugh your wealth way through life, you're fucked. Isn't that the thing he's also missing? He has no sense of humor, no sense of humor about himself. No. Like anything that any of our previous presidents have had a single thing that he does is is not magic, engineered create a response, which is what all conmen. Yeah. And I, the mistake that I made is that I thought that he had no core. But I really do believe that that this not only is he indebted to Putin for putting him in office and that you'll never turn on him for those reasons. But the that if he admires anything at all, it's that kind of. Savage power. It's that kind of, yeah, ruthlessness that would kill all of your enemies and speaks out against you. Clearly doors dictators v. one. So. So there's a core that I didn't think he had the his hatred for anything that's not white or anything that's not white, but that's worth more than a million and a half. That's a core value. He's been. It's not a positive positive Corvallis, but it's a core value from going up in New York. It's not just his anti Obama shit. He's been a racist all his life as was his daddy. Yeah, who hated him vote? He was like a piece of shit. What's wrong about a lot of stuff. You're right about that. What I'm saying? You know what I'm saying? I'm from a baby, I think with Putin. No part of his thing is Putin is incredibly wealthy because he's made all this money and Trump wants to build do that here in America too. Don't you think it's it's money? It's greed. And they both, you know..

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