Trevor Lawrence Reaffirms His Dedication to Football


Controversy that broke out this week. I mean, the kind of stuff that when you really think about it could affect opinions. Apparently, Trevor Laurence doesn't have it ship on his shoulder. Now, um, let's think about the absurdity of this for just a moment, Miss all came from a Sports Illustrated article. In which basically I guess if you really wanted to read into it, which A lot of you sure did. Kind of thought that this questioned the overall passion. For Trevor, Laurence and football and I quote It's not like I need this for my life to be okay. I want to do it because I want to be the best I can be. I want to maximize my potential. Who wouldn't want to You kind of wasted if you know. He added. Whenever asked about Maintaining a healthy attitude without finding extra motivation in every actual or perceived slider. Disrespect. Dr Lawrence said. Hard to explain that because I want people to know that I'm a passionate guy and I'm passionate about what I do, and it's really important to me. But Don't have this huge chip on my shoulder. Don't have this huge and ship that everyone's out to get me and I'm not trying to prove everybody wrong. I just don't have that I can't manufacture that. I don't want to. I think that's unhealthy. To a certain extent. Just always thinking that you've got to prove somebody wrong. You've got to doom or you've got to be better. By the way, when I first read that I kind of thought that's a shot of Baker Mayfield. I'm just being honest. That's the first thing that came to mind because what is my man? What a six always have in Cleveland. He got chip on his shoulder. And it might even be manufactured, but he is always He is always going to play up the fact that he's being disrespected

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