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V Because I just want to hear what happened overnight and I know they'll get straight to any breaking news. News, weather traffic and the top three things you need to know. With Scott's label number. Once the latest developments, the pandemic Metro Lana remains in the red Zone for coronavirus transmission. The delta very insurgents showing no signs of slowing. University. Georgia head coach Kirby Smart says the team is seeing its highest spike in Covid cases. Company recipes, eager trackage reports, three or four players have tested positive. A couple of staff members are positive with Covid 19, also director of Sports medicine. Ron Course in last week came down with the positive test Smart worried about his handful of unvaccinated player. The dogs host a likely full house at Sanford Stadium hosting University of Alabama Saturday mask University of Alabama Birmingham Saturday. I should say master not required and number three this morning, the violent Labor Day weekend 16 killed across Georgia car crashes in between metro land in Athens, at least 15 people were shot. Including five shot outside the Northwest Atlanta nightclub during a pride celebration over the weekend. WSB news time is 6 17 Taliban paints It's flag on the wall of the U. S embassy in Kabul. The mass exodus continues and among the tens of thousands desperate to flee. Overland State Department officials tell CBS News. An American family of four got across and the Taliban did not stand in their way. Porter Charlie Dagenais says the Taliban claims it now controls the last holdout province of pension. Half dozen charter planes of American and Afghan evacuees remain grounded in northern Afghanistan, but.

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