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Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Second World War available wherever books are sold. 7 48 wtlv traffic and weather together on the eights. And when it breaks Jack Taylor's in the traffic Center start off in Maryland. Couple issues. Upper Marlboro Now shoulder the broken down vehicle inbound Pennsylvania Avenue, up near West Failure of 1, 98 and Laura Westbound. The ramp to go north on I 95 would have been broken down with a flat tire along the right side of that ramp. Bellway topside, outer loop the brake lights now beginning New Hampshire Avenue. Over toward Georgia Avenue. Nice and quiet. Still through Virginia, running between Alexandria and McClane, Inner and outer Loop. 11 Metro stations are closed this morning. Inside the security perimeter downtown. No train service for Farragut, North Judiciary Square Union Station Archives, Arlington Cemetery, Farragut West McPherson Square Federal Center Southwest. Capital, South Smithsonian and Federal Triangle. All 11 of those stations. Trains will continue through not stopping tomorrow they'll close Metro center and gallery place, and then all those closures will be in effect until Friday morning. Now the closures downtown, causing some new delays trying to leave Virginia off the 14th Street bridge. No access on the lower 14th all the way up to L. Street Northwest, the freeway westbound, very heavy, very slow because there's no access to Main Avenue. Those on the inbound stretch can't take lower 14th. They're headed onto the freeway north into the third Street tunnel in the tunnel. No access to the U. S. Capitol exit Exit nine that offering his blocked 12 Street tunnel's closed between the freeway and Constitution Avenue Constitution and independents basically closed between the lips and the capital. All your numbered cross streets across the mall also closed. There's a full list on w t o p dot com Jack Taylor, deputy T o p. Traffic And let's check here with Matt Ritter and I get our forecast. And you meant Mangione the quote the clouds over here, and we're gonna be getting the showers later on during the afternoon into the evening. Temperatures are going to be in the upper.

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