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On draft night that this is probably one of the most boomer bust off seasons that we've seen, at least my time on Planet Earth. I just, you know, I don't know what's there. But what are your thoughts on Jacksonville? I think that they have so many needs to try and fill that in my opinion, I would have rather taken a guy with a higher floor in 8 and Hutchinson with the number one pick than going all in for Trayvon walker because I know that there are a lot of things and you draft guys that have higher upside depending on where you are. I mean, we do it any fantasy player does the same thing. When you're looking at it and of course, you know, in real life, it's not quite the same level of execution. But walker didn't blow me away when I watched George a football every Saturday throughout the course of the fall. And I want to say it was ESPN stats and info that put out a statin while every stat does have noise and it's always interesting when you see some of these narratives get spun that we haven't had a number one pick in the NFL Draft since 1967 that wasn't named all conference first team are all American. There's generally a reason for that because if you're not producing it to college level amongst the blue blood programs, what leads me to believe that suddenly this lightbulb is going to flip on and you're going to be transcendent talent the next level. So I know there was a lot of hemming and hawing and stuff that went on behind the scenes for Jacksonville, but I just think for a franchise that needs to build and they have to try and get some positive momentum in the wake of what was a debacle coaching higher in urban Meyer that I felt it was a major leap of faith. And one that I'm willing to admit, hey, look, if Trayvon walker becomes an outstanding talent, he's a perennial pro bowler, then I'll eat crow here. I just felt like it was a huge reach. Which mirrored the rest of the off season. And that's kind of where I'm going with this boom or bust. Well, you didn't like going all out and spending on zay Jones and Christian Kirk to bolster your receiving corps? Jacksonville fans will say, well, we had to spend the money. So we had to get somebody. To a certain point, but when you spend the money they've spent and I believe over 250 million at this point in free agency. And the best sure fire player you got was a guard and Brandon Schiff, you know, I don't know what Christian Kirk is. I don't think he's worth that much. And then you go down the line and I like Doug Peterson. He's a Super Bowl winner. He has that pedigree, certainly more stable than what you had at head coach last year. But there are people behind the scenes that realize that once Doug started to lose key components of his staff, he suddenly fizzled out. And then you add Trayvon walker to this mix and the backstory there is that you kind of hinted at was about ten days out from the draft, head coach wanted one player offensive coordinator, wanted another player GM wanted another player. Owner had to step in and kind of weed things out and they landed on Trayvon walker. And so it's always interesting to see the different ways teams elect to approach a draft. And I kind of liken this to a Madden rating almost as an example. You have a guy that can be plug and play, he might be an 88, but you know kind of what you're getting. And then you have Trayvon walker who might be an 88, but he can get to like a 95. I just didn't see it to your point. There was zero production. All the measurables and traits are through the roof. But when you look at him lined up outside as an edge rusher, 9% pressure rate. And there's going to be a ten every single guy who started for Georgia being drafted. Offenses couldn't really say, hey, he's her focal point. We're going to double this guy. We're going to chip this guy. And to that point, if you look at Trayvon walker over 49% of his pressures last year, came unblocked or on cleanups. So that's always the interesting factor here is Detroit sprinted up to take 800. The NFL was not happy about, by the way, did you read that story? I did. And that's kind of the interesting component here. It's like Aidan Hutchinson fits the bill from a number of ways, right? He's a premium position. They needed help with that position. He played at Michigan, so he's going to sell a ton of jerseys. The one knock on 8 and Hutchinson was, he's in the 8 percentile of arm length, and so when you do put on the tape, sometimes when an offensive lineman is able to lock him up, he can't get out of it. So that it's probably so when you're comparing those two, like the production was better for me than Hutchinson, the traits and measurables are better from Trayvon walker will ultimately see what unfolds. Yeah, it's always interesting and look, even with all the advanced analytics, the scouting and everything else that we have at our disposal now or I should say teams have at their disposal drafting is still an imperfect science and hey, you know, the reality of it is over the next couple of years we'll see if the Jags are going to make all of us that doubted the pick. Look like fools. When you look at some of the different positions that are out there paying, I don't know how deep you want to dive on some of these, you know, the three that we had talked about, looking at some of the defensive ends, you address the wide receivers a little bit. We know 6 when the top 18 and of course the quarterbacks, where we saw a variety of quarterback prospects fall like rocks other than Kenny Pickett, who was the lone first round pick and the draft market on that particular prop was fascinating, which I can get to, was there something that jumped out at any of these position groupings that you thought, hey look, this is notable and worth sharing or things that you really like the teams were doing. Yeah, so we're running over an hour now and we haven't gotten into the Derby coverage, so we don't have to go into each one of these individually, but we talked about sky more a little bit. We mentioned pickens, Jahan dotsons, and interesting name. I think he went higher than most people thought, but if you actually look at what he did at the college level, there's a lot of people that think he's better than a crystal lave because he has a much wider route tree and the focus was solely paid on him by opposing defenses. So that's an interesting one there..

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