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And now here's Erin with what happened while we were away. What happened while we were away brought to you by up in flames yesterday, the world launched as one of the planet's most iconic landmarks, and one of the Catholic churches most recognizable cathedrals burned Notre Dame. Theodora in Paris began construction in eleven sixty three and was completed in thirteen forty five shock spread as the cathedral's spire, and then the rest of its roof collapsed in flames Barilla firefighters were able to contain the fire to the buildings upper structure, meaning the two bell towers are still intact as soon as the flames started to subside a photographer for Reuters was able to sneak inside the cathedral and captured this stunning photo. Despite the charred ruins surrounding it the altar and empty cross at the front stood standing on burned. They're not yet conclusive reports. As to what started the fire officials have said that the ongoing restorations to the centuries old building could have something to do with it. There are conflicting reports about the opening of a criminal investigation into the matter. Ansi Pelosi has been taking shots at the socialists slash Alexandria, Cortez wing of her party on Sunday. She told sixty. Minutes. She likes to minimize the conflicts within her caucus between the moderates and the progressive who have these wings, a OC and her group on one side, it's five people know the progressive group, it's more than I'm if aggressive. Yesterday. She said this Senate events when we warned this election. It wasn't in districts like mine or leagues Andrea's. However wonder she's a wonderful member of congress all of our colleagues will attest, but those are districts that are solidly democratic this glass of water would win with the next. We are. Who snap in completely unrelated news, a new Emerson national poll of Democrats shows Bernie Sanders with a healthy twenty nine percent lead over Joe Biden's twenty-five.

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