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Map that mapei's days presented to eat see yellow that's the california that would remain and that is a los angeles the edge santa barbara it's san luis obispo all the way up to san francisco the new california is the orange county it's all of uh palm springs it's fresno it's all the way up to above north of south of san francisco zeller i said i'm sierra but i'm knowing the differences political thinking those areas and thinking with over what it is yep ed de yeah exactly right that's the political ranking makes your hot here's the reason for that sort of thing this is the kind of stuff that does drive people much you may or may not have heard that twelve people are facing charges for feeding somebody homeless and alcohol on their lives they have been charged with a misdemeanor after they handed out food to people who don't have any place to go uh there are volunteers there are groups that show up at this park hand out food fairly regularly toiletries clothing that sort of thing so these twelve say they're going to take legal action against the city which makes good sense what can you tell us jennifer about alcohol on what's different above there we have many santa monica i don't i i vertebrae i don't know that much about it alcohol on is that is just a nice community aid san diego what makes this is what makes this makes.

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